Best Sensitivity Settings for the Latest PUBG Mobile Emulator Games

The PUBG Mobile game continues to be updated by Tencent, so there are lots of new features that we can use. Besides being updated more frequently, the settings we use also need to be changed to match the game, the most striking is the sensitivity setting for Mobile PUBG, due to the addition of a new scope. For this reason, in this article I will share articles about the best sensitivity settings in the latest version of the PUBG Mobile Emulator games.

The  PUBG Mobile sensitivity setting is of course different from the Mobile PUBG Mobile Emulator, in terms of its usage PUBG Mobile smartphone only uses fingers while PUBG Mobile Emulator uses a mouse and keyboard. So to set the sensitivity of PUBG Mobile Emulator will be much different.
Best Sensitivity Settings for the Latest PUBG Mobile Emulator Games
Best Sensitivity Settings for the Latest PUBG Mobile Emulator Games
In PUBG Mobile emulator, you don't need to change Gyroscope settings, because this setting only applies to PUBG Mobile Emulator. Well, for those who want to know the latest PUBG Mobile Emulator sensitivity settings in my opinion, just follow the steps from me below.

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Best Sensitivity Settings for the Latest Mobile Emulator PUBG Games

Following are the best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile Emulator:

  1. The first step is of course you first log into PUBG Mobile with the emulator that you use.
  2. After entering the game, select the Settings menu (gear icon).
  3. Select Sensitivity, then match with the picture below.
    Tencent Gaming Buddy Guide & Tips: Settings, Configuration
    match with the picture
    • For Gyroscopes, leave it alone.
  4. After completing the sensitivity settings just exit, because there is no save button.
  5. Don't use the Overall button above the sensitivity settings, because it will reset your settings.

That's the article from me regarding the best sensitivity settings for the latest PUBG Mobile emulator games. If you have questions about this sensitivity setting, please enter it in the comment column, don't forget to share this article so that it is useful for others.

Thank you for visiting the Gamers Rise up blog, hopefully this article will be useful for all of you. For other tutorials on PUBG Mobile, and other games, please always visit the Gamers Rise up blog.

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