How To Get Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile Easily

How To Get Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile Easily - Hello everyone is still discussing this one battle royal game, especially if it's not PUBG, of course it's the mobile version, all people's versions, this time we don't want to discuss how to win, how to play, or discuss weapons, but discuss the titles on PUBG mobile, there are some titles in this game, which if we get it, we can install the title next to our nickname, and make it look cooler, of course, like it is worth pro gaming.

If you have already obtained the weapon master title, you can install it directly on your nick, and it will appear like the picture above, how cool is that obviously with the title we will no longer be seen by noobs as friends or players, how can I wait? When it's released, it's not difficult, but this title only applies to platinum and above, if you haven't already platinum, the first rank it by playing with friends.

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For those of you who are platinum who want the following title, the method is quite easy, first, first, the requirements can be seen in the achievement of the glorious section, while continuing to search for the weapon master section and the requirements will look like this.
How To Get Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile Easily
Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile
Well, yes, the conditions are really good, you have to kill using the weapons you ordered, that's easy, not necessarily the main requirement is MUST ONE MATCH, you have to kill with 6 different weapons, rather heavy but we have easy tricks, what do you want to know? just, the easy trick is to get the following weapon master title.

How To Get Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile Easily

  1. Make sure your rank is Platinum.
    How to get a weapon master title in PUBG mobile
    Platinum Rank PUBG Mobile
  2. Be sure to play squad/duo mode.
  3. Going down with AFK people, well going down with afk people is an easy way to kill.
    How To Earn Pubg Mobile Weapon Master Achievement Full Guide
    Kill AFK Player
  4. Search for bots and kill using weapons that you don't master, if you have trouble killing with bombs/cars or shotguns, meet bots and kill them.
  5. If you don't meet the bot, knock out the enemy then kill using a weapon that has never been used.

This method is believed to be effective to get the weapon master title on mobile PUBG, after you can weapon master, let's collect another title.

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