How To Get Pacifist Title In PUBG Mobile

How To Get Pacifist Title In PUBG Mobile - Playing battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, definitely prioritizes survival. The winner is taken from the player, who is able to survive until the end of the game.

There are many ways that can be done, be a winner in the battle royale game. One of them is to kill the enemy and hide.

PUBG Mobile is now implementing a Title system, which can be embedded in the profiles of players. This title can be obtained, by running several missions. If one mission is completed, then the player has the right to get the Title of the mission.
How To Get Pacifist Title In PUBG Mobile
How To Get Pacifist Title In PUBG Mobile

How To Get Pacifist Title In PUBG Mobile

The Pacifist Title is one of the titles in PUBG Mobile. To open this Pacifist title, players must get 1 Chicken Dinner, without killing the enemy at all.

How can you win on PUBG Mobile, without killing enemies? The trick is actually easy, you only need to hide throughout the game.

For those of you who want to get this title, please see the tips on how to open the following PUBG Mobile Pacifist title.

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1. Play in FPP Mode

How to get the 'pacifist' rank/title in PUBG Mobile
Play in FPP Mode
Playing in First Person mode is indeed quite difficult. Because players will have limited views. The player can only see the area in front of him, and it is difficult to keep an eye on the right or left area.

With the limitations of these views, the enemy will be more difficult to find out where you are, while hiding. So this FPP mode is very suitable, to get the Pacifist title.

2. Select a Quiet Landing Location

Before making a landing, you must determine the location far from the plane's track. Because the location is far away, it is very rarely visited by players. Even if there are enemies, it could be a bot.

3. Take the Healing Item And Smoke Grenade

How to earn Pubg Mobile Pacifist Achievement
Take the Healing Item And Smoke Grenade
In this mission, you are not allowed to hurt or kill the enemy. Therefore, you do not need to carry weapons during the game.

The items you need to carry are only healing items, and also smoke grenade. Expand to bring these items. Healing items are useful for restoring HP, and smoke grenades are useful for obstructing enemy views.

4. Hiding Inside a Building or Riding a Ship

How to win at PUBG without firing a single shot
Hiding Inside a Building or Riding a Ship
Hiding is the easiest way to survive, so you can open the Pacifist title. Don't hide outdoors, because there will be lots of bots, who will come to your location.

Hide inside the building, prioritize on the 2nd floor of the building. If your location is close to the waters, use a boat to go to the middle of the water. That way, no bot can attack you.

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5. Play on the edge of the circle

Anybody know what this "Pacifist" means? : PUBGMobile
Play on the edge of the circle
Don't be late to run to the play zone, so you don't get damage to the blue circle. If it is already in the play zone, then stay on the edge of the circle, until the zone shrinks again.

This aims to secure you, from fighting in the play zone. But, you can still monitor the conditions in the play zone from the edge of the circle.

6. Prone and Use Smoke Grenade

Play on the edge of the circle
If you have entered the last zones, you have to do Prone frequently. Down is the safest way to hide. Just lay on the edge of the circle, and don't do a lot of movement.

In the last circle, you can use smoke to cover your presence. Throw smoke into various corners of the circle, to obstruct the view of the enemy, and still lie down.

7. Use the Healing Item

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Use the Healing Item
When you arrive at the end of the game, and there are only 2 players left, then you have to rely on healing items. It might be very difficult to survive at the end of the 1vs1 game, without having to kill the enemy.

But you have to remember on missions that don't allow you to kill. Hope that the enemy doesn't know your position until finally, you have to fight using healing items.

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That's how he opened the Pacifist title at PUBG Mobile. Maybe it will feel difficult to survive, without killing the enemy. But indeed that is the mission that must be carried out.

If you succeed in getting this PUBG Mobile Pacifist title, then you can show it to your friends. Because, it's not easy to get a Chicken Dinner, without killing enemies at all.

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