How to Get Sharpshooter (Deadeye) Title in PUBG Mobile

How to Get Sharpshooter (Deadeye) Title in PUBG Mobile - In addition to trying to get a chicken dinner, there must be many PUBG Mobile players who like to play while collecting titles. One title that is quite difficult to obtain is the Sharpshooter title (Deadeye). To complete this Achievement you must be able to kill 3 players in a row from a distance of 50 meters or more with a headshot and not miss one bullet! This achievement can only be completed in Solo mode and must be in Platinum V Rank or above. If you successfully complete this Achievement, you will get a Title Sharpshooter (Deadeye).

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Now for those of you who have difficulty getting this title, GamersRiseUp has easy tips for Getting Title Sharpshooter (Deadeye) on PUBG Mobile. Follow the following tutorial!
How to Get Sharpshooter (Deadeye) Title in PUBG Mobile
How to Get Sharpshooter (Deadeye) Title in PUBG Mobile

How to Get Sharpshooter (Deadeye) Title in PUBG Mobile

When you're on the plane, wait and wait, don't jump first. Wait until you arrive at the end of the map or the last place that the plane passes. After arriving at the destination you will be lowered yourself down by the game system. After you are kicked from the plane, immediately notice whether there are AFK players around you. If you find another player with AFK of more than 2 or 3 people in one place, mark the location on the mini map.
How to get 'SHARPSHOOTER or DEADEYE' TITLE in PUBG MOBILE || Achievement
find another player with AFK
After finishing marking the location on the map, quickly drive around and look for snipers or riffle weapons with 7.62 bullets because rifles with bullets other than 7.62 won't be able to kill enemies with one shot. Next after getting the required weapon, go back to the AFK player that you marked on the previous folder. Do it quickly so that you don't have trouble chasing a safe zone later. After arriving, the enemy's scope, but do not immediately shoot, mark first with enemies ahead then measure the distance. Set the distance to 60M and above, because from a distance of 50-60M many don't get the title.
Set the distance to 60M and above
After the appropriate distance, immediately shoot with a sniper or rifle on the enemy's head. If you use a riffle do not shoot in a row or banned, just 1 shot 1 kill. Don't forget not to reload the weapon after shooting the first and second enemies. You can only reload weapons when the third enemy is dead. Don't forget to win the match too.

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