Kar98k, AWM, Ghillie Suit, M24, M416, and Groza Weapon Spawns Locations on PUBG Mobile

Kar98k, AWM, Ghillie Suit, M24, M416, and Groza Weapon Spawns Locations on PUBG Mobile - Weapons that have large damage and are good to use are rather difficult to obtain. Moreover, sniper weapons such as AWM, Kar98k, and M24 are always the target of PUBG Mobile players.

With a Bolt Action type sniper, you can "one shot one kill" even though your opponent uses level 3 helm. Just info, the sniper can break helmet level 3 with one shot which is only AWM that can.

The weapon of the weapon is uncertain where it is. But there are special spot spots where you will most likely find weapons/clothing such as Kar98k, AWM, Ghillie Suit, M24, M416, Groza. So for that, I will share spot spots where you can find these weapons.
Kar98k, AWM, Ghillie Suit, M24, M416, and Groza Weapon Spawns Locations on PUBG Mobile
Kar98k, AWM, Ghillie Suit, M24, M416, and Groza Weapon Spawns Locations on PUBG Mobile
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Kar98k, AWM, Ghillie Suit, M24, M416, and Groza Weapon Spawns Locations on PUBG Mobile

But before that, I hope that you also participate in providing complete information. In a way, comment on the location that you think is good and what weapons you can get.

ok, we go straight to the discussion...

1. Sosnovka Military base

PUBG Map Loot | Weapon Spawns & Vehicle Spawn Locations
Sosnovka Military base
There is no doubt about it, Military Base is already famous as a warehouse for weapons in the class of Kar98k, M416, and other AR / Snipers. If you are illiterate, the name alone is a "military base", and of course there are a lot of weapons from the army.

The distribution of Kar98, M416 here are many. I am sure, every building must have at least 1 AR weapon. The rest you will get good weapons, lvl3 helmets, and lvl3 vest. O yes, you will also easily find an 8x / 6x scope

There is a little trick if you want to boot in the military base. First, you must always be vigilant and try to use earphones/headphones etc. so that the opponent's step sound can be heard clearly.

if you have found the sniper and scope 4x / 6x / 8x, you go to the monitor in the military base. Look for enemies who are hanging around. A very high place will make it easier for you to find enemies.

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2. Georgopol

What is the best weapon in PUBG Mobile?
I mean Georgopol, which is georgopol with many container boxes. there is a crowded place if you play squad and a good place for those of you who want to hone aim.

The loot item in georgopol is above the container box so that players with one another can be seen clearly. It also requires a little luck here, because if you don't get fast AR / SMG weapons, you will be easily tried

even though it looks difficult, but you can easily get weapons, Vests, Helmets easily. Even many PUBG Mobile players mention that georgopol is a warehouse for a scope.

The thing that must be done in georgopol is going up in a tool to move container boxes. try to bring your scope at least 4x to make it more comfortable.

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OK, the 2 places above are the easiest places to get M416, Kar98k, lvl 3 helmet, lvl vest 3. There are other places that also have good loot, but not as easy as in the 2 places above, namely Shelter, Pochinki, school and Mylta Power.

So what is the location to get AWM, Groza, Ghillie Suit, M24?

Actually not the location, more precisely the location to get AWM, Groza, Ghillie Suit, M24.

The trick is to take the airdrop content?

Now, what is airdrop? so airdrop is a red box containing weapons, vest, helmet, scope, ammunition dropped from the plane during the match. When the airdrop has fallen to land, red smoke will appear as a sign that there is airdrop.

The contents of Airdrop are random. usually 1 weapon + ammunition, 1 vest / 1 helmet, and scope. not all contents are like this, sometimes there are items that don't exist, especially ghillie suits that are rather rare.

What weapons can be obtained from airdrop?

There are 6 weapons that you can get in the airdrop, and certainly, those weapons are very deadly.


the problem is, to get airdrop is rather difficult because it's not just you who want airdrop. Other players also want airdrop, so that near where the airdrop falls, there will be enemies. Whether it's only 1, or even 5 people (for solo), it's a different story if you play squad. of course, you will meet with many players who are fighting over each other for airdrop.

so you don't die easily, and you can successfully get weapons like the one in the title, I have a strategy to take airdrop.

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Strategy for taking airdrop

1. Safe & Fast Strategy

Where to Find a Sniper Rifle in PUBG
Safe & Fast Strategy
so this strategy requires a car. so, you take the car to the airdrop that leads to the ground. try so that when the airdrop falls to the ground, you are right up to the airdrop.

then you quickly get out of the car, then take the contents of the airdrop quickly. Don't forget when taking airdrop, you squat down so you can avoid things that don't. after that, you immediately run away using the car.

2. Monitor strategy

Every time I get a KAR98K : PUBATTLEGROUNDS
Monitor strategy
In this strategy, the point is we stalk/monitor airdrop from a distance away. If there are enemies who want to take airdrop, we immediately execute it until it's safe.

now it's new when it's safe, then we take it. This strategy is quite risky if you are not careful, but you will be able to kill a lot and will be rich auto because you can boot dead bodies + airdrop.

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Now that's where Kar98k, AWM, Ghillie Suit, M24, M416 and Groza on PUBG Mobile. Don't forget to share the article and comment on this article, guys.

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