Appreciate Existing Games

Appreciate Existing Games - Hi everyone, this is my first article on the XD game blog. Here I want to discuss how we value the game, appreciate the game that I mean is not really about the game but about the creator or commonly called game Developer or game dev is shorter.

Why do we have to respect game developers? Yes, because it makes the game difficult, I myself made the game not made so it has been around 20 days staying up late, too, I use Unity3D for those who don't know.

The question is why many people who hate the game have to criticize or mock the games that have been made or made with the game developer, even though they don't know at all about how to make games, usually just playing games even though.

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For example, the Mobile Legend game that is constantly being teased by DOTA2 players, why should they talk about it or whatever. I myself am an ordinary DOTA2 player if there are people who play mobile legend and are proud of the mobile legend.
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The Appreciation GameI often go to the DOTA2 group, sometimes I always say Legend Plagiarism Mobile DOTA2-mobile legend plagiarism DOTA2, yes if the game is a DOTA2 plagiarism, it's already taken care of by Gaben. If anyone doesn't know who Gaben is, he is the owner of VALVE, as far as I do, he is the first to make an online game buying and selling the program in the world.

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In fact what? The ones that take care of are not VALVE but instead LOL, now if you don't know what LOL is, LOL is League of Legend. Where's the artificial game I forgot, actually I don't know if anyone knows a comment, yes: 'v.
Learning To Make Games Helps Me Appreciate Them More
LOL said he sued the former name Mobile Legend because the map and its contents were plagiarism, I don't know if I continued, how would Mobile Legend change its name to "Mobile Legend Bang".

Yes, that's what he said in the LOL game plagiarism, why did the DOTA2 kids join in the trial. Yes, how come, for example, your son, DOTA, wants to say that the mobile legend is plagiarism, but what's the benefit for it? There are reports that mobile legend is afraid of you, it's useless.

A place to post ideas for games you'll never make yourself! That's why it is important for us if as a player or as a game player, whose work is only able to play games, it can't make games, whatever the game appreciates. Wahyu Samsul once said, "because I kept going, it was really cool, very cool, still cool, relaxed, single where wouldn't I go ...".

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Yes, that's why, the game, you try it because you have to know how hard it is to make a game. I hope you start to appreciate the game, if there is a game, just play it first, if you don't like it, don't insult.

That's just my first article, later if there are tutorials or things that I can share here, I'll share, who are sure about games. I hope you like the first article in this cave.

You have to start appreciating the games that are currently available because you are just a player, just right to give comments to the game developer that you are playing with, not giving comments to people's games.

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