10 of the best Guns in PUBG Mobile Must be Taken!

10 of the best Guns in PUBG Mobile must be taken! - To get the word "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" in the PUBG Mobile game, you have to survive in the battle to the end with your own technique and strategy. Of course, the most important playing technique in PUBG is the selection of the best weapons.

Well, instead of loot from home, it would be nice to pay attention to the tips below what weapons you should use to be able to win matches easily. In addition, if you try all the recommendations below, how to play your PUBG mobile will increase by honing more skills in using weapons.

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10 of the best Guns in PUBG Mobile Must be Taken!
10 of the best Guns in PUBG Mobile Must be Taken!

The list of the best mobile PUBG weapons of all types

1. S12K

What are the best guns in PUBG Mobile?
Shotgun type weapons are mandatory weapons that you carry when fighting. Although the accuracy is not good, the shotgun is very effective for short distances. The S12K shotgun is the best shotgun according to AyGek in the PUBG Mobile Game because it can hold 5 rounds of ammunition and does not need to cock each gun when it is shot.

This physical shotgun resembles an assault rifle with considerable damage to a cockless shotgun, 22, range 22, and attachment 3.

2. S1897

PUBG Mobile | Best Gun & Weapon List
S1897 does have a market Shotgun form in general, but don't hesitate with the quality of this shotgun. Damage received by this shotgun is more painful than S12K. The spread attack produced by the S1897 shotgun will be easier to kill your enemy at close range.

This shotgun deals 25 damage, magazine 5, attachment 2 and distance of shot 25.

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3. M16A4

The 7 Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile | PUBG Mobile
This Assault Rifle type weapon is almost an overpowering weapon at PUBG Mobile. Why is that? Because this weapon has a large magazine capacity and a high degree of accuracy. This weapon is very reliable to finish off the enemy until the end of the match.

Damage received when using this weapon is 41, magazine 30, distance traveled 100-500, and attachments 3. In addition, you can add attachments in the form of scopes for long distances and dot sight for medium distances.

4. Scar-L

Ultimate PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide
Scar-L is an Assault Rifle type weapon that has a fire-rate lower than M16A4 but the damage received is more painful. A high level of accuracy and minimal recoil also make this weapon even more violent.

This weapon has 41 damage, 30 magazines, 100-600 shot distance, and 4 attachments.

5. Micro Uzi

PUBG: The best weapons in the game (PC, Xbox One)
Micro Uzi is an SMG type weapon with a small shape, this makes it easier for you to shoot at your enemies while running. Damage generated by Micro Uzi is quite small but has the highest firing rate.

Damage generated is 23, magazine 25, attachment 3 and distance shot 100-200.

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6. UMP9

The Best Guns in 'PUBG'
UMP9 is a popular weapon in PUBG Mobile because this weapon is very easy to find and has capabilities similar to Assault type weapons. The physical form is indeed bigger than Micro Uzi, but the distance traveled is quite far and having damage is far more painful than Micro Uzi.

UMP9 has 35 damage, shot distance ranges from 100-300, magazine 30, and attachments 4.

7. AWM

Best guns in PUBG Mobile to help you win that Chicken Dinner
AWM or Arctic Warfare Magnum is the sniper that has the highest range of shots (range) and damage among other snipers. This weapon is most suitable for those of you who like to settle in the house or grass. But unfortunately, this weapon is quite difficult to find. This weapon is usually dubbed as a PUBG-hurt weapon.

Damage generated is 132 and can knock out enemies in one shot, the distance of shots ranges from 100-1000, magazine 5 and attachment 4.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gun guide - what are the best PUBG
This weapon is also a type of Sniper Rifle but has less damage than AWM. However, this weapon has a low recoil level and is easy to use. If you combine this weapon with the appropriate scope, this weapon is also not inferior to AWM.

9. SKS

This weapon is of type DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), DMR itself is a combination of Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle, where the damage received is more painful than Assualt and the distance of shots is less than Sniper. Moreover, this SKS has advantages in terms of chasing enemies that are in the middle range.

Damage received is 55, Attack distance is 100-800, Magazine 10 and attachment 4.

10. Pan

PUBG weapons guide: the best guns for getting a chicken dinner
This one weapon is a legendary weapon in the PUBG game itself especially the mobile version. This weapon is Melee type and has the most damage among other melee weapons. Especially if you can kill the enemy by using the pan is its own pride.

There are two damages received, namely in the body and head. The body can reach 80 and the head reaches 200 if the enemy does not use armor.

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Well, that's the best mobile PUBG weapon and you must try when playing it. Recommendations also for beginners or newbies to use these weapons to broaden their horizons about the PUBG Mobile game. That's enough for this article, and don't forget to look at other Gamers Rise Up articles.

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