PUBG Mobile Lite: More Light, Fast, and Suitable for Old Android

PUBG Mobile Lite: More Light, Fast, and Suitable for Old Android - Not only applications but Android game developers are now also starting to adopt the term "Lite" to refer to the light version of their game. Like what Tencent Games did recently with the release of PUBG Mobile Lite. That's right, bro, PUBG Mobile Lite is a lightweight version of the PUBG Mobile game that we've known all along. How light?

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If the regular version of Mobile PUBG requires at least 2GB RAM and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the lite version only asks for around 1GB of RAM - 1.5GB only and can be played on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. Old cellphone with Android ICS can play PUBG? Yes, the important thing is to have at least 1GB of RAM.

This is in contrast to the Fortnite Mobile game, which currently only can be played on top-class Android phones (with minimum RAM of 3GB). About Fortnite is likely to be discussed in a separate article.
PUBG Mobile Lite: More Light, Fast, and Suitable for Old Android
PUBG Mobile Lite: More Light, Fast, and Suitable for Old Android
In addition to RAM requirements and the Android version, what's the difference between regular PUBG Mobile and the lite version? In general, the gameplay of PUBG Mobile Lite is no different from the regular version, but for the image rendering process to be lighter, the number of PUBG Mobile Lite players is limited to 40 people in each game.

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In addition, the size of the map or map presented is also smaller (2x2 km) than usual sob (8x8 km), so besides being loaded faster, the duration of the game on PUBG Mobile Lite is also expected to be shorter too (suitable for those who want to play PUBG in between busy activities).
I have a low end android smartphone, so I can not play big and high end games.Is there any way to run these games on my phone?
PUBG Mobile Lite: More Light, Fast, and Suitable for Old Android
Then what about the image quality? Even though the title is a light version, PUBG Mobile Lite also uses the Unreal Engine 4 engine, just like his brother Sob. So graphic issues need not be doubted, no less remote than regular Mobile PUBG is the subject (a little bit broke, but naturally the name is also the lite version).

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Well, for those of you who up to now have cell phones that cannot be installed by PUBG Mobile, this is a good time to try PUBG Mobile Lite. Has it been released? Now that's the problem, bro. When this article was typed, PUBG Mobile Lite was still on probation in the Philippines (its soft-launch term), and when I tried installing it on my old school Android and logging in as Guest (and Facebook), a message appeared "The server did not respond. Please return to the login page and try again. "

Then I tried logging in via Google Play Games and immediately the message "Network or account error. Please log into Google Play before trying again". In conclusion, PUBG Mobile Lite can't be played in Indonesia, at least for now. So for the moment we just wait for the next update. If you are curious, check the link below to download PUBG Mobile Lite now (and use the Android VPN application that has the Filipino country option). good luck

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Download PUBG Mobile Lite APK via Play Store

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