16 PUBG Mobile Secret Locations

16 PUBG Mobile Secret Locations - These are secret locations on PUBG Mobile. Many locations that you can visit at PUBG Mobile, and in these locations you can find various benefits that make it easier for you to win the competition. We believe that some of you find that location randomly or without a plan, which means you don't know the name or location of the location on the map.

Think about it, wouldn't it be more helpful and efficient if you knew for sure the profitable locations, right ... So for that, we will tell you the secret locations on PUBG Mobile that will definitely benefit you, here are the locations.

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16 PUBG Mobile Secret Locations
16 PUBG Mobile Secret Locations

16 PUBG Mobile Secret Locations

1. Gatka Radio

pubg mobile secrets
Try to land on the Gatka radio building when you dive in a parachute. In this building, you will find various weapons, especially on the second floor which can only be accessed via the top. Of course, this radio building is on Gatka, and if you have landed in another place you can come here by tracing the west road on Gatka, after crossing the hill you will arrive at the building.

2. Buildings on Spawn Island

Like the previous location, the buildings on Spawn Island also store a lot of equipment that you need to win this game. Because this is an island, so to reach this location you need to ride the boot and pass the sea.

3. Radio Novorepnoye

pubg mobile secret locations miramar
FYI, on the second floor of Novorepnoye radio there are high-level loot equipment, so don't forget to wipe it out in that section guys. This building is located around the radio tower guys, yups tower that you often see between Sosnovka military base and novorepnoye city.

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4. Bunkers - Bunkers in Shooting Range

pubg mobile secret locations erangel
There are two bunkers in the east and west shooting range, in both locations, you will find a lot of loot equipment including armor and level 3 helmets. You will easily find these bunkers when you travel to the severny.

5. Mylta Factory

pubg mobile secret loot spots
Apart from being the safest place for landing, the Mylta factory also has a lot of loot equipment. This factory is very large and consists of many floors, you can find it between Istanbul power and Malta.

6. Mining at Los Leones

pubg mobile secret island
This location may be known by other players, so be careful when entering mining. But that's equivalent because you will find a high-level loot, like armor and a helmet. If possible, you should land directly at the mining site, but if not you can drive to this location.

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7. La Cobreria Old Building

pubg mobile secret loot city
Maybe this building is quite small, but inside there is quite a lot of loot and coolly here you can find high-level equipment like Kar98k and Scope 8x. This old building is located north of Miramar, precisely in the city of La Cobreria.

8. Islands in Impala Waters

On the southern part of the waters, you will find a lighthouse that you can use as a shooting location if the play zone has ended. And the islands in the north and center will be the loot fields for you.

9. Highest Building Construction in Los Leones

pubg mobile secret bunker
Because this building is the highest place in Los Leones, then this will be the best location for shooting locations or for snipers. Here you can also find loot with a high level, and to reach it you only need to look up your head and look for the tallest building in Los Leones.

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10. Chumacera Ranch

pubg mobile secret place
On this farm, you will find a longhouse that has enough loot, and you can also use a vehicle parked there to go to the city next to it. To reach this location, you only need to go to the southern part of Chumacera.

11. Old City

There are many buildings in this old city, and in these buildings, you can find various loots. Don't forget to visit the building with a bar in this old city, where you will find armor level 3. This old city is located between the Water Treatment and Cruz Del Valle.

12. Shelter

Be careful when deciding to enter the shelter, because maybe you will have difficulties when exiting from there, with enemies who will most likely be around the shelter. But if you are brave enough to enter, you will get a lot of high-level loot there.

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13. Zharki

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This location is in the northern part of the Erangel map, and it can only be reached by vehicles such as cars. There you will find buildings that contain many high-level loot items.

14. Mini Power

This is a safe location for landings other than power. Yups at the top of this mini power you will find a building that contains high-level weaponry, indeed not much but enough for you to play alone or a team with members of two to three people.

15. Military Base

This building is very wide, so you don't need to worry about suddenly meeting enemies here. You can casually pick up high-level weaponry here, because of the vast area of ​​items - items that can be looted are quite a lot.

16. Miramar Unnamed

As the name suggests, this place is in Miramar and this place does not have a name on the map or is unnamed. This location also does not have a sign on the map, but to find it you can head south outside of the city of Los Leones, there you will find the entrance that is a red mouth of the cave.

That's the secret locations at PUBG Mobile that can make you win chicken dinner. A little tip from us, don't loot too many guys, just enough. After all, the mission of this game is not who has the most loot.

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