How to set PUBG Mobile in NOX so it doesn't lag

How to set PUBG Mobile in Nox so it doesn't lag - Back again with the discussion of PUBG Mobile, After I shared the tutorial on How to Set Mouse Sensitivity in PUBG Mobile, in this article I will share the tutorial, which is how to set NOX to play smoothly when playing PUBG. Maybe this tutorial will help you to be comfortable playing PUBG Mobile in Nox because the PUBG Mobile game is only available on Android and IOS.

Well, for those of you who want to play it on a laptop/computer, you need an emulator software application supporting one of them is the NOX emulator.

In using a NOX Emulator can help you play PUBG Mobile on Laptop / Computer, maybe now NOX emulators become one of the emulators of choice for PUBG players because in NOX it provides features that can set the settings according to our wishes. But before that, you must first set NOX before playing so it is strong to run PUBG.
How to set PUBG Mobile in NOX so it doesn't lag
How to set PUBG Mobile in NOX so it doesn't lag
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If you don't set it first, one of the chances is that you will experience "Force Close" or PUBG will stop running. Surely you don't want to experience something like that when playing, you will feel uncomfortable, too worried if the same event will happen again.

To play using a laptop with a NOX emulator must be supported with qualified specifications, you need to know also about the specifications of the laptop you are using also affect when playing, something you need if you want to play using a laptop one of which has a minimum 4GB RAM specification for smooth PUBG play, because if it is less than that it might experience a little lag when playing, for the processor it doesn't have a significant effect because it doesn't take up most of the game.

Well, for the settings we will anticipate allocating most of the 4GB RAM that we have to be allocated by 1GB into NOX. In using this method, it will make it easier for us to play and make smooth PUBG Mobile games when we play. Next, see the tutorial below.

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How To Set Nox To Smoothly Play PUBG Mobile

  1. First, please open the Nox App Player on your Laptop.
  2. Then in the initial menu enter settings and look for the "Gear" menu in the upper bar section.
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  3. Next, look for the "Advanced" menu in the advanced menu settings, select performance settings in middle or high mode. (In this setting if we use the Nox mode, it will consume 1GB RAM, if High Nox mode consumes 1.5GB RAM) in this setting to match Laptop specifications you, if you have "Save changes" and restart.
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  4. Done !!

So the tutorial that I can share and hopefully is useful.

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