NEW! 7 Tips for Playing Arcade Mode in PUBG Mobile

7 Tips to Play Arcade Mode in Pubg Mobile - You must be confused when playing PUBG mobile in Arcade mode, in that mode players must fight on their own without any team or friends helping, here I will give 7 tips to play Arcade mode on PUBG mobile.

Arcade mode is usually played when we don't have friends or can also test the courage, in those games you must struggle to gain victory by surviving yourself, of course it is very difficult, choosing weapons is also influential if you don't have a reliable weapon in PUBG mobile games for reading the 6 best game weapons on pubg mobile, for better if you want to get a chicken dinner in pubg mobile especially in arcade mode you have to have a strategy.

For this reason, in this article I will give you 7 tips on playing PUBG Mobile in Arcade Mode, just check out the discussion below.
NEW! 7 Tips for Playing Arcade Mode in PUBG Mobile
NEW! 7 Tips for Playing Arcade Mode in PUBG Mobile
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7 Tips to Play Arcade Mode in Pubg Mobile

1. Master the Game

The first most important thing in playing Arcade mode or even Classic mode is controlling PUBG Mobile. In my opinion, game control on PUBG Mobile is the easiest to use than other battle royale mobile games.

Unlike Classic mode, you will need more speed in controlling Arcade mode.

2. Pay attention to the Map

PUBG Mobile: How to Play Arcade Mode
Arcade mode is only suitable for 28 people in a narrower game area. The blue zone will be smaller and the PUBG Mobile game will only be less than 10 minutes small for Arcade Mode mode in PUBG Mobile will choose an area that has a lot of Learn the Battle Field. Usually, Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile will choose an area that has many weapons and items. Starting from Pochincki, Georgopol or Military Base. Weapons and goods. Starting from Pochincki, Georgopol or Military Base.

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3. Falls fast

Tips on Playing PUBG Mobile in Arcade Mode
You will not be able to linger to determine the landing location in Arcade mode. Here it is recommended to immediately select the landing site and looting as soon as possible. When you start landing, you can increase speed by holding the analog up to quickly reach land. Every now and then do not forget to see the area around the landing, to detect enemies more easily.

4. Activate Loot Automatic Mode

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: Become a battle royale master
The tips for playing Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile are then to activate the automatic looting mode in the settings menu. Here, of course, you don't need to have trouble taking weapons, ammunition and in-game items.

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5. Choose the best weapon

PUBG Mobile Arcade mode: Here's everything you need to know
PUBG Mobile Arcade Mode has six variations, namely rifle, submissive gun, all weapons, melee weapons, weapons, and heavenly objects. Here mode cannot be selected and you will play randomly. But when playing, it is recommended to immediately take any weapon that is in front of you.

6. Pay attention to the Mini Map

Arcade tips and tricks thread! : PUBGMobile
Even though you will face a game with higher tension than Classic mode, here you really need to pay attention to the minimap. Here you can find out the position of the enemy with footsteps and shots.

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7. Attack

PUBG Mobile's arcade mode makes the game faster for more chicken
If in Classic mode you will be asked to play carefully to be the last, in Arcade mode you will be happy to attack your opponent and do not hesitate. Especially with ammunition and limited items, you will be more desperate in playing this mode.

Well, that's 7 Tips for playing Pubg Mobile in Arcade Mode, you can use the tips that I gave above to get the latest experience and insights, so this time I can share and hopefully be useful.

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