Advanced Ways to Play PUBG Mobile on Android

Advanced Ways to Play PUBG Mobile on Android - PUBG mobile finally released officially and rules of survival found its rivals in the mobile version of the Battle Royal game, PUBG penetrated into mobile users because inevitably the users of mobile devices were bigger than PC users, therefore the publisher didn't want to be missed by releasing PUBG Mobile.

Lately, the battle royal game ROS has started to be loved by gamers but with the growth of players this game has also grown with cheaters, which makes the war in ROS games not fair, and it is very annoying and makes users lazy to play games.

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The presence of PUBG Mobile, which certainly has its own fans among PC gamers, is expected to prevent cheats in the game, and also to be able to ban PUBG Mobile players who use emulators on PCs because it is unfair for mobile players to deal with players using emulators.
Advanced Ways to Play PUBG Mobile on Android
Advanced Ways to Play PUBG Mobile on Android

Tips on Playing PUBG Mobile so that the Chicken Dinner

The term chicken dinner is commonly used for mobile legend players if it can be the last surviving player in the PUBG game, here are some tips that you can use so you can save this game.

1. Choosing a SAFE Place

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If you choose to go down in urban areas it will make you easy to get weapons because there will be many buildings or houses that you can boot, but remember? not only do you think like that, therefore the urban area will be the landing destination of some players because they have the same thoughts as you.

Clashes at the beginning of the game are very likely to occur, so it is better for you to go down so that it is a little far away in an urban area or a quieter place because a quieter place is relatively safer so you can freely equip weapons.

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2. Finding a Vehicle

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: How to survive and win a battle royale
Why should you use a vehicle? moving from one place to another can we do it by walking or running? yup right, but if you are late reaching your destination you can be blocked by the enemy at the destination.

It would be very beneficial if you can reach a building first besides being able to boot as much as you like you can hide while waiting for enemies who will search for weapons and then you kill easily.

3. Always Closer to the Blue Zone

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The zone in the mobile PUBG is divided into 3 parts, which are marked with blue and white circles, the first zone is outside the blue circle, you cannot stay in the outer blue circle zone because you will run out of blood and then die, the second is the blue zone safe zone for you to boot or stay in the area and finally the white zone.

This game zone will continue to narrow to limit the area of ​​the soldiers because if it does not narrow it will be difficult to find enemies because the map is too wide, the blue zone will narrow down to the white zone and then the white zone will narrow, before the blue zone narrows usually there is a notification if the area will immediately restricting.

Why should you always approach the blue zone? because if you are outside the blue zone you will die hehehe, surely you will ask why not in the white zone it's safer than the restricting area? yes, it is safe, but if you are in a hurry in the white zone, you will be easily found by enemies in various directions and most often behind the enemy.

The safest place is indeed around the blue area because of course there will be no enemies behind but in this area, you have to pay close attention to the notification if it will be restricting soon you can find a safe place.

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4. Be patient, and win

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YUP this game also trains our patients not to hurry, if you hurry up you can be sure you will die in a silly way. Before moving, make sure the area you are going to pass is really safe by scoping into an area that might be a hiding place.

Sometimes being patient to avoid war is also necessary because our weaponry may be incomplete, but if we are in a very favorable position we can stay in place and then shoot from a great distance.

Make sure you keep holding weapons at close range and distance because to anticipate if suddenly we are dealing with enemies in one room, note also the completeness of your items minimum such as first aid kits, bombs, and smoke bombs must be there.

The area will continue to narrow so that between the players can not dodge anymore to do the war now this is where you will be tested for shrewdness to shoot and find a good place to hide.

Without frequent training you can't easily win this game, keep practicing looking for a good and compact team to really support each other and one another.

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So the article this time, if anyone wants to be asked please write in the comments column, until you meet in the other article.

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