Basic Tips How to Play PUBG Mobile

Basic Tips How to Play PUBG Mobile - The game Battle Royale is being loved by many people with the emergence of this type of game on mobile gadgets that makes the players more and more fun. For lately Drake's Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown's Battleground games are still widely talked about by many gamers with their appearance in the mobile version.

Here are some tips for you to be able to play the PUBG Mobile game quickly, starting from the settings to the tricks of winning the PUBG Mobile game.

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How to set up PUBG Mobile Games

Basic Tips How to Play PUBG Mobile
Basic Tips How to Play PUBG Mobile

Connecting accounts

You can choose to log in with guest but there is a good chance that you log in using your social media account, besides getting the ease of finding friends in the game you can also move your account to another mobile/gadget without losing your PUBG Mobile account.

Setting Up the Phone to Maximum

PUBG Mobile is a game that requires the best performance of your cell phone because if it isn't then this game will lag to play. How do you keep your cell phone from playing when playing PUBG Mobile? You can turn off other applications that are running besides this game to reduce the use of RAM and you can also uninstall the app that is not useful so that the memory of the HP is not consumed much.

Signal also determines victory

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How not? because this game is required to be done quickly then if your signal is bad you can be sure you will be shot first by the enemy because you are late loading if the professional is good for playing PUBG Mobile games? only you know, because every provider has different speeds at different places to find out you can check one by one provider with speed tester.

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Important for Using Headphones

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Because if you use headphones you will get a clearer sound from the speaker so you can listen to the enemy's steps well then you can find out where the enemy is to do the ambush.

Welcome to the PUBG Mobile lobby

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When you start this game you will be presented with the main screen display with various types of settings ranging from server settings, friendships, claiming prizes, and managing your inventory.

How to choose PUBG Mobile server

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On the home screen, you will see the "server" menu at the top left, with a drop-down menu. You can now choose from North America, Europe, and Asia. Choose a server with the smallest ping, usually shown in green for the territory of Indonesia, usually using the Asian server. For perfect games, at least you have to get ping less than 20 ms.

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How to set the PUBG Mobile Game graph level

You will be asked to make arrangements when you first enter, but you can also adjust the graphics level of PUBG Mobile, to adjust the details. Higher is better because with higher graphics you can see more broadly and in detail, but high graphics can also affect game performance if the specifications of your cellphone are inadequate and don't forget to always monitor the ping of your network if it's too high you can lower it again the graphics so as not to lag. There is also an automatic option that can adjust settings automatically.

How to get clothes on characters in the PUBG Mobile game

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At the beginning of starting this game, you will only use underwear, but you can collect clothes in the inventory. Also, collect Battle Point (BP) to "buy" clothes, but some are given free by completing your daily mission. After you get BP, tap "inventory" and open the soldering chest. You will get random clothes, repeat to get more, each time the chest is opened the price will always rise.

How to choose Game and Map modes

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Under the start button, you will see a drop-down menu for Classic or Arcade. Choose classic for older games 100 players, or Arcade for shorter, faster games, 28 players, from version 5 there are two maps - Erangel and Miramar. You will find an option to choose a map under game mode. If you choose both, randomly choose one for you.

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Turn off chat or adjust the microphone volume

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PUBG Mobile offers voice channels in games, with controls to turn off the microphone or speaker for sound or adjust the level. In settings> audio, you will find the controls. If you don't want to listen to other players' jokes, just turn it off. After you start the game, you can also activate/deactivate your own microphone and the sound of other players.

Basic Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile

Here are some tips that you can apply to you solo players or squad in Pubg Mobile games.

Tips for Wearing a PUBG Mobile Shirt

Tips and tricks to survive and win in PUBG Mobile
PUBG is not a fashion show game but this is a battle royal game so think tactically. If you wear white jeans and a yellow puffer jacket, you will be easily visible, and easily found by enemies. Think camouflage is perfect to give you a tactical advantage. It's tempting to wear a baseball cap, but you really need a helmet for combat.

Choose the Right Moment to Jump from the Plane

PUBG Mobile plots the airplane path across the map, so you can see the area you are flying. Player statistics that have been and have not been dropped from the ship are also notified so that you can find out the distribution of players in all maps. Using this information, you can select the right point for you to jump.

Free Speed ​​With Full Speed

As soon as you get out of the plane, push forward on your controller and you will slide to the ground quickly so that you don't drift too long in the air while your enemy gathers weapons.

Open the Parachute Early to Land in the Distance

If you get off the plane and you find a lot of players coming down in the same area then you can move away from where you previously targeted, by pulling the parachute at the start you can take you farther away.

IMPORTANT !!! Master the Map

Maps are the best friends, with maps you will be able to know anywhere the building or house makes it easier for you to boot weapons. mark on the map where you are headed then you will get directions. keep in the safe area if you are outside the blue area then you will die slowly. With maps, you can find out the high areas that you can use to the fullest.

Avoid the Red Zone

The map also shows a red zone that will appear suddenly, which is a series of artillery. If you are in the red zone, there is a possibility that you will be hit by a bomb, for that if you are in the red zone you better stay in the building for a while until the red zone is gone.

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Activate auto pick-up

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Not all players like to activate auto pick-up for some reason but if you are new to this game you can activate it to help you in the looting process for example if you find a higher level of equipment then takes it automatically.

Tips for Choosing the Right Weapon

Weapons in PUBG Mobile work like weapons in the real world, shotguns and pistols are only good for short distances, SMG is great in closed spaces when you want to shoot quickly, with snipers you can use it for long-range attacks. For medium distance, you can use M416, AKM, SCAR-L and others like that.

Empty your backpack

If you carry a lot of items that you don't need, that means your backpack's storage space will run out quickly and there will be no empty space for items that you really need, for you to empty and or dispose of unneeded items you have to do.

Use sound absorbers

Being hidden with our unknown presence by the enemy is the most effective way to win the PUBG Mobile game because loud shots will invite the enemy to know where we are. AR weapons, Sniper, SMG and pistols have dampers that you can find except for shotguns that don't have dampers.

Don't jump from a fast-moving vehicle

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As in real life if you get out of a vehicle that is moving fast then you will die silly, so stop first before you get out of the vehicle.

Collect medics, always

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In battles, there are times when we will be shot for that we need medkit for the healing process if you don't find Medkit you can use a bandage for the healing process but it's a bit slow if weeding uses the bandage.

Remember the purpose of this game is to survive

If you want to win, you can do it by collecting weapons, avoiding problems and killing the last few people. Because the purpose of the PUBG Mobile game is to be able to survive the latest not how much you kill, avoiding conflict does not mean cowardice but a good strategy will produce a good game too.

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