The 5 Most Deadly Types of PUBG Mobile Weapons

The 5 Most Deadly Types of PUBG Mobile Weapons - The PUBG Mobile Weapon items are very varied but actually the deadliest is the blue zone hehe ... just kidding boys, as beginners in this battle royal game, of course, there is a bit of confusion in choosing the weapons we will carry for equipment war because PUBG Mobile only allows us to carry two rifles.

Some say finding weapons in this game requires a lot of luck because in each place it does not offer weapons as well, yup it is not important because to win this game can not only with capital luck skill and strategy are also important factors.

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Here are 5 types of weapons in the PUBG Mobile game that can be your choice to be taken while fighting if you find weapons below, you can save them to be used as the main weapon.
The 5 Most Deadly Types of Mobile PUBG Weapons
The 5 Most Deadly Types of PUBG Mobile Weapons

The 5 Most Deadly Types of PUBG Mobile Weapons

1. Weapon M416

This type of medium-range assault rifle is a refinement of the AR15 / M-16, one of the best weapons that are easy to use because of its low recoil. The fire rate is quite high when compared to SCAR-L weapons in this game.
best guns in pubg mobile ranked
No need to think twice if you find this weapon you immediately take, attachments that you can use to complete the M416 range include: holographic sight or 4x ACOG scope, a suppressor for AR or compensator, angled, extended mag for AR and vertical foregrip, with completeness like this weapon will become more deadly.

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2. SCAR-L weapons

SCAR-L ranks second after M416, the characteristics of this weapon are almost the same as M416 weapons so if you find both of these weapons in the looting process you can choose one of these weapons because it will be less effective if you bring both of them considering the same weapon character.
pubg mobile weapon guide
SCAR-L damage is not inferior to M416, but what distinguishes it is that the fire rate of this weapon is lower than M416 so if you find this weapon, at the same time, which one should you leave behind? for attachments from SCAR-L like M416 so no need to write it again right?

3. M16A4 weapon

M164A This US-made militant weapon ranks third in the Most Deadly PUBG Mobile weapons, although the third place is actually this weapon has a higher fire rate than the previous 2 weapons, but we cannot set this weapon to full auto.
pubg mobile weapons list with pictures
In close combat, auto mode is very very useful, because usually if we meet the enemy suddenly we will panic in making a shot so that with the release of bullets automatically many can help kill the enemy faster.

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4. AKM weapons

Position two from below is occupied by the Avtomat Kalashnikov Modernizirovanniy (AKM) weapon, if you can master this weapon, actually AKM can be more deadly than the three weapons above because the damage from this weapon is indeed higher than the other assault rifle weapons.
pubg mobile weapon stats updated
High recoil makes this weapon difficult to use especially for beginners, which is why this weapon is ranked number 4 for the deadliest PUBG Mobile assault rifle weapon category.

For attachments, it is better to use holographic sight or red dot only because a high recoil, if you are forced to use a scope, will be more difficult to control.

5. Weapon UMP9

If you don't find the four weapons before, UMP9 can also be a choice of weapons that you can use for a while because getting weapons with the type of submachine gun (SMG) is usually in many places so it's easy to find it.
best gun in pubg mobile for short range
This UMP9 weapon attachment is almost the same as M416 and SCAR-L, but it is only recommended not to use the scope using enough holographic sight because this weapon is suitable for invading enemies in relatively close distances.

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Now that's the order of the 5 Most Deadly Types of PUBG Mobile Weapons that you can make reference to when making a battle later, it takes several times to play this game if you beginners can use weapons to the fullest.

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