The Best looting Place & Lots of Weapons in PUBG Mobile

The Best looting Place & Lots of Weapons in PUBG Mobile - One of the factors so that you can have chicken dinner at PUBG Mobile is using good weapons. Of course, a good weapon must be found in a place where there are many weapons. Good places for weapons, for example, kar98k, AWM, M416, Ak47 etc. in PUBG can you see in this article.

Good weapons in PUBG mobile have a very important role at the beginning and end of the game because, with weapons, you can kill enemies easily so you can deliver you to Rank # 1.
To get a good weapon, you have to look for it with difficulty, because the name is a good weapon, the number is definitely a little/rare. But don't ask for the strength of the weapon. Guaranteed, with good weapons + good skills, the enemy will auto die.

In certain places, you can get good weapons at PUBG. Usually, a good and many weapons is a city/place that has many buildings.

Now the best looting place in PUBG Mobile is 15 (according to my cave), which probably has a good weapon. Btw, looting at PUBG Mobile means that it is an activity to search/hunt item items (weapons, accessories, regen items, ammunition etc.).
The Best looting Place & Lots of Weapons in PUBG Mobile
The Best looting Place & Lots of Weapons in PUBG Mobile
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Before you go to the best loot location in PUBG Mobile, it's good that you have to know something, that the location that is suitable for looting will usually run many enemies. So you have to be careful when you are on location for looting.

I think the article will be long, so just enjoy it. Besides, the more info you will get.

Now, what are the places? see the following explanation.

15 Best loot Sites and Lots of Weapons on PUBG Mobile

Before that, my place was grouped into 2, which is the perfect place for looting, and a good place for looting.

1. Military Base

PUBG Mobile Loot Guide – Top Places To Find The Best Loot
His name is also the base of the army, of course, the weapons are very much. You just have to choose, don't be confused. The place is large, there are also many buildings, so you don't have to worry about not getting a weapon there.

For you Kar98k users, you must come here every time you go. Why, if you persevere, I guarantee you will get kar98k (as long as the weapon is not yet blown). Evidence? Here, honest, before updating this article, I went to the military twice, twice also got the car98k.

Ok, I revealed the location more precisely. I would like to jump in here, usually the roof of the 3 buildings that form the letter U. Among the three buildings, surely one of them is the one with the roof, even though it is not 100% accessible. Then the other locations are in the building located in front of 3 U buildings.

If you have got kar98k, or you have not yet received it, or can get it but there is no scope x4 x8, now you have to go to the building that has the shape U. If you haven't got it yet, you have to go to the building/monitor behind the U building. , then play the sniper

Which became a problem, I failed the chicken dinner. Because of the desire to take air drop, the contents turned out to be Groza, and because of being hit by the buttocks. but the result is not embarrassing, Rank # 3 that I achieved.

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2. Prison

PUBG loot locations - where to find the best loot on Erangel and Miramar
This place has items such as weapons, armor, helmets, many regen items etc. There are about 5 warehouses in prison, now in one of these warehouses, there will be a sniper in the class of SKS or mini14, where the two snipers have the advantage of being able to fire continuously without any pause.

Not only a warehouse, but there are still 2 buildings and one house that you can enter. The building usually has many riffles, along with accessories and medical equipment. Loot is also more than the warehouse.

If the plane crosses the Prison, this place will be very crowded. So you have to quickly land and grab a weapon. If you have got a weapon, don't loot first, eradicate opponents around you first, then you can loot with joy

If you are Barbarian, you must come down here if the plane crosses the prison. You see, you can harvest the kill here. and vice versa if you are still a noob, you should avoid this location because you are too crowded.

3. Georgopol

PUBG Gun Locations and Vehicle Spawns
Georgopol is a port area, and if we are logic, there are lots of goods in the port. Surely there will be lots of weapons and item items that you can find. Besides this place is also quite extensive, so you just choose to choose the weapon you like

Well, I also like this place. The place is spacious, and weapons are everywhere. There are also many spot spots with lots of weapons, for example, tall buildings in the north, container box trucks in the southeast, or ordinary house houses if you want to find change.

a rather crowded place on the average geo is in the container box. There are lots of boxes and there are lots of weapons on the top. You just have to choose the weapon you like. on geo, there is no term "using an unwelcome weapon" you will definitely get a weapon that you like (except the rare one).

If you like playing in the container Box Box, you will be very lucky if you get a sniper and scope. Because in that place you can go up to the mover's box, which you can use to play sniper.

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4. Mansion

5 best loot locations on PUBG Mobile [Erangel Map]
Mansion is a place that has good loot. Buildings in this area all have satisfying item items. The average size is large so that each building has a lot of loot.

The place in the mansion to be separate, so you have to choose a location that is very suitable. Moreover, every place in prison has only a few large buildings (but many loots), so you must be careful.

5. Mylta Power

PUBG Mobile Best Loot Places | PUBG Mobile Loot Location
This place is a small version of the military base. So there are quite a lot of good weapons. The advantage of this place is that there are rare enemies here, so you are free to take weapons and item items.

6. Pochinki

PUBG mobile tips: Best places to loot for level 3 armours, weapons and more
This is the most crowded place in PUBG Mobile. Here it is clear, there are so many building buildings that there are many weapons and item items. But behind it all, you have to be careful because this place is always crowded.

For those of you who are still beginners, you should avoid this place. But if you are Hitler's soul, you must exclaim the appeal in this place. This place is also suitable for training your aim and agility of your hands.

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7. School

Which is the best place to land in PUBG Mobile?
No less crowded, school is also a favorite of gun hunters. This place is called school because there is a very large school building, so the building has a lot of weapons and item items. You must be careful when you are in this building.

If you play solo, I suggest you don't come here. Here the crowd is crowded to colonize. However, if you are pro, you should come here all the time because you will have a party to kill.

Now the second category is the place with good loot. If you don't dare to go to the area above, you can get loot in the following areas.

  1. Zharki
  2. Kameshki
  3. Severny
  4. Yasnaya Polyana
  5. Mylta
  6. Primorsk
  7. Rozhok
  8. Novorepnoye

Trick When Looting at PUBG Mobile

It's useless to know a suitable place to look for weapons, but you don't know the tricks when looting. Now here are the tricks that I will explain briefly

1. Look for a quiet building

when you jump in, always pay attention to the direction of your enemy. You must avoid one building with the enemy so you don't die.

2. Landing as Fast as Possible

Do not let the building that is your target, there is already an enemy who first entered the building. When it's done and you force it in, of course, you will become prey.

3. Aim you have to be good

So that you don't die easily and your weapons aren't wasted, you have to increase your aim. So that when you meet an enemy, you can kill him.

Now studying aim is very important, and it is highly recommended, even if you aim badly, don't expect you to have chicken dinner.

4. Your Hands Must Be Fast

The faster you pick up items, the faster you move from one building to another. This is very important, considering that if you are slow, other buildings will be spent looted by your opponent.

5. Don't let your cell phone LAG

If your cellphone is lagging, of course, you will be slower to take the loot. Besides that, your chances of getting killed will be even greater, so the weapons & items you get will be in vain.

Now that's the best looting place in PUBG Mobile. In a place where there are lots of loot, you have to be careful not to be killed, but if you are pro, you can feel the exclamation of the party's kill call.

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In order for you to get more good places for looting, it is hoped that you comment on the best loot location and building, and what you can get. So that you can provide benefits to others.

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