Bunker Place in Erangel Pubg Mobile for Loot

Bunker Place in Erangel Pubg Mobile for Loot - Bunker is the most sought-after place for public players to boot or search for gear. Where is the bunker? Bunker places on pubg mobile are in various areas and you must be careful when looking for access points. To find out more, see the bunker review at the following pubg mobile:

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1. Shooting range

Bunker Place in Erangel Pubg Mobile for Loot
Shooting range
The shooting range is the area north of the map. The place has the terrain and a hidden bunker. Keep in mind, the bunkers in the shooting range are not just one but two or more. The bunker is located at several angles of the shooting range and also in the center. From the top, the bunker is protected by grass but there is a large entrance. Bunkers in this area vary in size from small to large.

2. Military base

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Military base
The bunker place on the pubg mobile which is commonly visited is the military base area. The bunker cannot be separated from the military base because it is very useful for protection. When starting pubg online, many players landed in the military base to do the loot. They also explore bunkers in the area.

Similar to a bunker in a shooting range, players can loot to get a lot of gear and weapons. Also, pay attention to the width of the bunkers because there are special rooms that might provide better weapons. In the military base, there are three scattered bunkers for players to visit.

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Where are the other pubg mobile bunkers? Shooting range and a military base are the most visited and recommended places. Each bunker has an entrance and exit which is sometimes easily visible from above. When landing, you can go directly to the bunker, but pay attention to the surrounding area. Are there other players who also come to the bunker.

Regarding weapons in the bunkers on pubg mobile, players get random or random weapons and gear. You might get a lot of weapons with ammunition and supporting equipment. On the other hand, the bunker only provides small bombs or low range firearms. Therefore, exploration of bunkers is as detailed as possible in each room.

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