Function items, Equipment, and PUBG Mobile Scope

Function items, Equipment, and PUBG Mobile Scope - Knowing the functions of items, equipment and scope in the PUBG Mobile game are indeed very important because by knowing its function you can choose which one you first need to carry if your bag is full.

It's not easy to get a chicken dinner in a game that is popular with many of these audiences especially if you are blind to the functions of the items in this game, you can be guaranteed that you won't get chicken.

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By knowing the function of the item, you will not be too long in choosing which one to take first because if it is too long in the looting process you will be trapped on friend zone, which means safe zone is wrong hehe ...
Function items, Equipment, and PUBG Mobile Scope
Function items, Equipment, and PUBG Mobile Scope
Many are also shot by enemies from behind when they are busy and or too long to open enemy chests that we have successfully turned off, so it is important to know the functions of the following items.

PUBG Mobile Consumption Items

There are only 2 types of consumption items, namely blood booster items and booster items to increase running speed, accelerate blood gain up to 100% and/or to boost adrenaline.

Energy Drinks

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The time to use energy drinks for 4 seconds and its function to increase the booster by 40% in regenerating blood when in war.

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Pain Killer

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A little longer than energy drink when using paint killer items for 6 seconds, the function is to increase the booster by 60% and this item can increase your blood by as much as 40% for 180 seconds.


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Bandage serves to add thinning blood by 10% and to use this item takes 4 seconds.

First Aid Kit

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This item is very important because with first aid kit you can add blood up to 75% with the time needed to use this item for 6 seconds, advice from the admin brings 2/3 first aid kid is enough.

Med Kid

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The function of Med Kid is the same as first aid kid except that med kid will add your blood up to 100% but to make this item a little longer, for 8 seconds.

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Adrenaline Syringe

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Long to use this item for 10 seconds, yup for the longest but by using an adrenaline syringe you will polish the booster by 100%. You can't find this item in looting houses because this item is only supplied with water drop.

Gas Can

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This admin item is included in the consumption item even though the one who consumes this item is the vehicle we are using, but the admin seldom takes this item because it often changes the car rather than refueling.

PUBG Mobile Equipment

Equipment is the equipment that you have to carry in this PUBG Mobile game because with equipment you can protect yourself from enemy attacks and with equipment you can also carry a lot of things, what are the equipment in the public game? let's see :)


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Headgear or we call helmet which is called helmet (helm read) in Indonesia this item is very important because it can reduce attacks on your head which can cause a headshot in the picture above the left one is level 1 then level 2 and the right one is a helmet level 3.
  • Motorcycle Helmet (level 1) functions to reduce head damage by 30%
  • Military helmet (level 2) functions to reduce head damage by as much as 40%
  • Spetsnaz Helmet (level 3) functions to reduce head damage by 55%

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Body Armor Vest

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By wearing an armor vest can reduce damage from enemy fire, the armor vest can also be damaged usually indicated by a red indicator on the left indicator of blood.
  • Police Vest (level 1) can reduce bullet shot damage by 30% and increase the storage capacity of +50
  • Police Vest (level 2) can reduce bullet shot damage by 40% and increase the storage capacity of +50
  • Military Vest (level 3) can reduce bullet shot damage by 55% and change the storage capacity of +50


It is important to bring a backpack because without a backpack you only have a little storage capacity with a backpack you can bring more armor and other items needed to fight.
  • Level 1 backpack can add +150 storage capacity
  • Level 2 backpack can add +200 storage capacity
  • Level 3 backpack can add +250 storage capacity

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PUBG Mobile Attachment

Supporting components or we usually call attachments are additional items that must be combined with weapons or weapons in their use to support and also maximize the function of the weapons we have.

Important attachments ??? it becomes very important, for example, if you find an awm weapon, but you don't have a scope at all, the weapon is useless because the sniper weapon will be maximal for long distance use with scope x8, here is a review of the functions of the components in the PUBG game Mobile.


The function of the scope is to help aim at enemies remotely, by using a scope you can direct your shots to the enemy with more precision. There are 5 types of scopes in pubg mobile games, what are the ??? let's look carefully.

Red Dot Sight

The red dot, this type of scope cannot target long distances because it cannot zooming red dot commonly used for the gun but if you have not found another scope, the red dot can also be used for AR weapons.

Holographic Sight

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It is almost the same as a red dot but holo cannot be combined with gun type, Holo can only be used to aim at close range, Holo sight can be combined with an assault rifle and S12K type weapons.

2x Scope

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If you find the scope x2 you can remove red dot sight and holographic sight, because this scope can aim at close and medium distances.

4x Scope

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Now this is the most ideal scope according to the admin because it can be used to zoom medium-range enemies to far, but if you will shoot at close range it is better to use scope x2 to be more efficient, because if you force using scope x4 it will be difficult to find enemies at close range as a result instead you will be shot first.

8x Scope

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It is ideal to use sniper type weapons because its ability to aim at enemies is rarely very far, especially if you find AWM, you will add more, try to find a high area so that you can freely find enemies.

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To discuss PUBG Mobile's attachment function until here first admin is tired of taking a break first, for part 2 to be discussed are Grip, Muzzle, Magazine, and stock. Don't forget to share, let admin add his writing spirit, thank you.

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