How to Change Account Name, Gender & Character Pubg Mobile Complete

How to Change Account Name, Gender & Character Pubg Mobile Complete - This time we will discuss how to rename a pubg mobile account using an id card, how to get an 'ID Card', how to change appearance and gender and more that are still related to our topic this time.

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How to change the name of Pubg Mobile

In the PUBG Mobile game, we can change the name of the id we have used now with the new account name using the item named "RENAME CARD".

To see if you have a "RENAME CARD" card you can see it in the 'INVENTORY' menu if you use Indonesian on the lower middle side, then select the BOX menu located at the bottom right.
How to Change Account Name, Gender & Character Pubg Mobile Complete
How to Change Account Name, Gender & Character Pubg Mobile Complete
If you have the card, then you just have to select the card, then click the 'use' or 'use' button. Now, just type the nickname you want to use, think carefully, so you don't need to change names again.

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How to get "RENAME CARD"

You can get "RENAME CARD" in the first 2 ways, you can buy it through the SHOP menu which of course requires UC cash or you can get it for free through rewards from a mission.

To get "RENAME CARD" from the shop you can just go to the "SHOP" menu then select 'other' there will be "RENAME CARD" at a price of 180 UC cash if it is priced around Rp45,000, - quite expensive :) only to change the nickname.

In addition to buying you can also get it by free or completing the mission that is on the 'Progress Missions', you can see this menu on the bottom side next to the left of the inbox menu.
PUBG Mobile: How to change your name and appearance (Updated)
How to get "RENAME CARD"
In the progress mission, there are 2 missions that give rewards "RENAME CARD", the first on level 3 at this level you are told to 'add friend in game' if you carry out this mission you will get 1 rename card.

Then at Level 10 also gives a reward "rename card" on level 10, this is a mission that you must complete to get rewards. You have to complete all missions from level 1 to 9. If you finish it, you will get 1 more "RENAME CARD" so you don't have to not :) right, unfortunately, the money can be used to buy quota.

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How to Change Gender and PUBG Mobile Characters

To change the character or gender in the PUBG Mobile game, you don't need a special card like you will change the name or nickname, all you need is a Bp coin, which of course you have in abundance unless you spend to open the magic box hehe

You can change characters and Gender through the profile menu located in the upper right corner, after that, you select the "APPEARANCE" menu on the right side to the middle above the "Edit Information" menu. Now you can just customize as you like.

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To customize the characters you have to pay 500 Bp while to change the gender you need 1000 Bp, it's not cheap, so you can change characters as you like, you guys are still sufficient to pay a fee.

That's how to replace the gender pubg mobile, hopefully, the above article helps you a little please share it if it's useful thanks.

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