How to Change the Character of PUBG Mobile with an Active Display

How to Change the Character of PUBG Mobile with an Active Display - Characters in a game are a representation of the player. Some games provide a variety of characters with different designs and appearances. For pubg mobile, players can also change the character to suit their wishes. How do I change the pubg mobile character? In this game, the character change in question is the appearance of the face, gender, clothes, and equipment carried. However, the name of the character cannot be replaced or reset. To find out more, see the following methods:

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Has a minimum of 3000BP

How to Change the Character of PUBG Mobile with an Active Display
Has a minimum of 3000BP
The first thing to do to change characters is to have enough BP. The amount may not be much, but the player must have it to access the main menu. In PUBG mobile, there are various ways to obtain BP both direct quests and attractive rewards. Default characters seem standard so that many players want to adjust to their characteristics and playing style.

Select menu customization

Change character : PUBGMobile
Select menu customization
After enough BP, tap the main menu then the inventory option. Then select reset appearance to access various appearance options. In this section, players can change their appearances such as skin color, hair style, facial appearance, and gender. After that, choose clothes according to the availability of options. Some items are still locked so the player must unlock to be able to access them.

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Unlock items

The simplest way to replace pubg mobile characters is to buy items. Of course, players need money to convert to BP. Remember, 3000 BP is only for accessing the character change menu. Players still have to collect other items to be included in their inventory so they can be used to change their appearance. When selecting items and display options, the player will see a preview of the character.

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How to change the character name? A name is the player's identity to appear on the leaderboard. Name selection is an inherent option because it appears when you first create an account at PubG online. You can get a new name by creating a new character and then applying the method to replace the pubg mobile character.

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