How to Charge Cars (Gasoline) in PUBG Mobile

How to refuel cars in PUBG Mobile games - On this occasion I will give tips on one of the techniques for playing PUBG Mobile that maybe not many know about it. The tips are how to fill gasoline or car fuel in the PUBG Mobile game, now for those of you who don't know how to refuel in PUBG vehicles, you can see the tips that I gave this time.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royal Player Known's Battlegrounds game that is now available or can be played on a smartphone or tablet device developed by a Chinese company "Tencent". Like PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile has exactly the same gameplay as weapons, maps, or buildings, although not as complete as the PC version. PUBG Mobile allows players whom number 100 to get off the plane and take weapons plus equipment, and kill or reduce the number of enemies to be the last to survive.
How to Charge Cars (Gasoline) in PUBG Mobile
How to Charge Cars (Gasoline) in PUBG Mobile
Back to the topic, because the map is quite wide in the PUBG Mobile game, to get to a safe zone that is far enough away or not we have to use the available car or vehicle. Vehicles in PUBG Mobile are quite diverse, ranging from UAZ jeeps, Dacia, Buggy, to motorbikes, and more versions for the Miramar map. For the durability of gasoline in each vehicle is, of course, different, some are quite wasteful to those that are quite durable. (the rest of the gasoline in each car can be seen in the lower right corner).

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Like weapons and equipment, petrol can be searched for every house or building. And do you know, filling gasoline or fuel is more efficient than having to change vehicles, because if we change vehicles we have to go out to change vehicles, and it is quite risky to see when we can at the enemy enemy? Well, without lingering in the following how to refuel (gasoline) cars in PUBG Mobile for those of you who don't know.

How to Fill in a Car (Gasoline) Fuel at PUBG Mobile

  1. First, you have to find and find a fuel called "Gas Can".
    How to fill a vehicle with the gas can? : PUBGMobile
  2. Before filling it can be seen first whether there is still a lot of fuel or just a little. To find out, you can see the parameters in the lower left corner, if the meters are getting to the right or getting smaller means that the gasoline is decreasing.
  3. If the gasoline is almost used up can be directly filled, to fill it please enter the car in a state of silence, open the bag and then click on the gasoline (Gas Can) and select "Use".
  4. After that, the filling process will run like the process of adding blood which lasts a few seconds.
  5. If it is, then the gasoline parameter will go to the left indicating that the fuel is successfully added.

Well, it's easy not how to increase the capacity of gasoline or fuel in the PUBG Mobile game, such are tips that I can share about PUBG Mobile and hopefully can help.

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