How to Know Enemy Locations on PUBG Mobile

How to Know Enemy Locations on PUBG Mobile - Knowing the whereabouts of enemies in the PUBG Mobile game is very important, because if the enemy first knows our position then the enemy can freely aim at us, especially if we really don't know there are enemies around us.

The simplest way to detect the presence of enemies early is when we first jump off the plane from where we can see around where our enemies are going so we can be more alert from certain directions.

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How to Know Enemy Locations on PUBG Mobile
How to Know Enemy Locations on PUBG Mobile
The next tip to find out the location of the enemy is when you boot inside the house try as much as possible do not keep running, it is recommended to occasionally look out around the room because at the beginning of the game all players will be busy looting there you can take advantage of their neglect.
Spotting enemy players? Tips? : PUBGMobile
How to Know Enemy Locations on PUBG Mobile
The last trick to find out the enemy is to often see the top right box, namely on a small map because if there is a gunshot in a small map it will give an indicator with a red bullet image so you will know the direction of the shot.

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In addition to giving hints if there is a small map shot it will also tell us if there are footsteps around us by showing the red footprint symbol, just like the gunshot the redder the symbol color is given by the small map, the closer the enemy position will be.

If the small map shows a red wheel image, it means that around you there are enemies who are riding the car.

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How easy is it not to find out the whereabouts of our enemies, besides playing the above tips, play often because by often playing this game your instincts will continue to be honed and can guess the whereabouts of the enemy.

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