m416 vs m16a4 PUBG Mobile, Which is Good ???

M416 vs M16A4 PUBG Mobile, which one do you choose between the two weapons? confused? actually, the explanation between the two weapons was admin discussed in a previous article in "Choose Which Weapon AKM vs. SCAR-L vs. M16A4 vs. M416 PUBG Mobile" but for some reason, there are still many who are troubled to choose from these two weapons.

But the admin at the beginning of playing this game was actually confused and had time to think that m16a4 weapons were better than m416 weapons because in terms of names it was more difficult for m16a4 to be named so the admin thought it was better, anyway m416 had more attachment slots so admin thought weapons this needs a lot of completeness.

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All these assumptions are refuted when the admin discovers the m416 weapon first rather than m16a4 and the admin is very forced to use the weapon to fight and it turns out that the m416 recoil speed is much better than the m16a4.
m416 vs m16a4 PUBG Mobile, Which is Good ???
m416 vs m16a4 PUBG Mobile, Which is Good ???
M416 is that lay is faster to strafe enemies than m16a4 weapons which if users are more stagnant if you don't believe you can enter the training menu to try the speed of these two weapons.

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Besides m416 and m16a4, you can also try all the weapons in the training menu. You can compare which ones are better than existing weapons. You can also see statistics on the speed and damage given by the weapon.

To enter the training room you can click the menu under start then click the training button as admin shows in the picture above, if you are a beginner in this game and have never tried room training, admin strongly recommends entering the room to try all weapons and attachments it's on mobile pubg.

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Admin, I think that's all about the good description of where m416 vs m16a4 pubg weapons are mobile, hope you are enlightened If there are further questions please leave your questions in the comments column, thank you to meet on other articles.

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