Choose Which AKM Weapon vs. SCAR-L vs. M16A4 vs. M416 PUBG Mobile

Choose Which AKM Weapon vs. SCAR-L vs. M16A4 vs. M416 PUBG Mobile - Choosing weapons in PUBG Mobile games for beginner players is a bit confusing because we don't know what the advantages and disadvantages of these weapons are because our flight hours are inadequate. Sometimes we are confused when we have AKM and SCAR-L weapons, then in another place, we find the M16A4 and or M416 weapons, this is where we find the doubt which weapon we will take to go to war.

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Here are some tips on the advantages and disadvantages of PUBG Mobile weapons that you can make as a reference for choosing weapons that are suitable for the terrain and circumstances, even though most deadly weapons ownership does not guarantee victory or chicken dinner in this game.
Choose Which AKM Weapon vs. SCAR-L vs. M16A4 vs. M416 PUBG Mobile
Choose Which AKM Weapon vs. SCAR-L vs. M16A4 vs. M416 PUBG Mobile

Choose AKM weapons or SCAR-L

These two weapons have different characteristics because the AKM uses 7.62mm size bullets while the SCAR-L 5.56mm, in terms of the AKM range it has a slightly farther distance than SCAR-L, in terms of the damage given by the AKM also larger can be seen from the size of the bullets used as well as the recoil speed of the AKM is slightly superior.
Scar-L vs AKM vs M16A4 vs M416? : PUBGMobile
The advantage of SCAR-L is that the shooting speed is faster than AKM, because in terms of the characteristics of weapons that are quite different then you can bring these two weapons if and only if you have not found a more precise long range weapon such as a sniper type weapon.
Would you rather choose M16A4 or M416 in PUBG Mobile?
If you find AKM, SCAR-L, M16A4 and or M416 weapons that you must bring, namely weapons, then the other weapons you can choose one of the three because there is no way you can carry the four weapons.

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Good Where ??? SCAR-L or M16A4

M16A4 weapons can you use with sight, muzzle and mag items while SCAR-L besides the three items you can add one more item, the foregrip, even though both of these weapons have the same bullet type of 5.56mm but there are 2 very important differences which you can use as a reference for choosing these two weapons.
What are the best attachments for M416, M16A4 and AKM in PUBG mobile
The distance and shooting speed of these two weapons have a significant difference if the M16A4 has a firing distance that is slightly further than SCAR-L but the SCAR-L shooting speed is much faster than the M16A4 if the percentage of SCAR-L is 80% faster removing the bullet from the M16A4.
M416 vs. AKM - Which AR Comes Out On Top?
So do you know which weapons you should carry from these two weapons ??? please write in the comment which weapon you chose.

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SCAR-L and M416 Which is Better ??

Both of these weapons have damage, recoil ability, bullet capacity and the exact same type of bullet that distinguishes these two weapons in terms of the range of shooting speeds won by the M416 weapon which is slightly faster and farther if the percentage is probably only 2.5% better.
Scar-L VS AKM VS M16A4 VS M4 :: pubg mobile
Then what if compared to weapons with UMP9, UZI, Vector or Tommy Gun ?? these four weapons are second class weapons but on the battlefield who knows which is more effective, for example, if you are in the middle of the city then you have 2 SCAR-L and UMP9 weapons but UMP9 you already have suppressors to reduce noise, which one will do you use to fight? yep UMP9 is what you have to choose even though SCAR-L damage is far more damaging to the enemy.
What is the Best Gun in PUBG?
Because the PUBG Mobile game is not about how great you find, it's not about how many enemies you kill but who can live the last one who will be the winner in this game.

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If you have a different opinion, please write in the comments column, let's discuss. Thank you for visiting.

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