Finding Locations of PUBG Mobile Bunkers in Several Places

Finding Locations of PUBG Mobile Bunkers in Several Places - Exploring the map of PUBG mobile is endless. One place that is a little hard to find is a bunker. Bunkers are a secret place that is quite interesting because of some weapons that can be found there. The location of the PUBG mobile bunkers can be found in the following places. You need to find out and see the following reviews:

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Finding Locations of PUBG Mobile Bunkers in Several Places

Finding Locations of PUBG Mobile Bunkers in Several Places
Finding Locations of PUBG Mobile Bunkers in Several Places

Bunker shooting range I

Where are all the underground bunkers?
This bunker is located in the north on the map. To find the location of this bunker, it is necessary to be careful in order to easily find it. The size is not too wide and you can find AKM and M416 weapons. This bunker is suitable if you play in solo or duo mode.

Bunker shooting range II

This bunker is still in the shooting range area which is about 400 meters from the first bunker. The measurements themselves are not too large and weapons that can be found are also minimal. You can only find bandage grenade and some items that are not too special.

But for the item, it is random in nature so it does not always get the same item. Besides Shooting Range there is another location for the PUBG mobile bunker.

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Bunker Shelter

Interactive map Ginfo with bunker locations : PUBATTLEGROUNDS
This bunker is big and easy to find. It is located in the middle of the map which is around the Shelter. This bunker is easy to find and can even be seen from a distance if the view is right. This bunker is recommended for various modes, from solo, duo or squad.

The gear items and equipment are numerous and vary according to their size. When you boot in this bunker you have to be careful because it's very wide.

Bunker Military Base

There are three bunkers located in this location. To find it you need to land in the southern part of the map or the bottom. This bunker isn't too big. because of its proximity, you can simultaneously hunt for weapons in the Military base.

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Bunkers are very suitable to be visited to look for various equipment, gear, or weapons on PUBG mobile. Various game modes can be used to explore PUBG mobile bunker locations. Because various items appear randomly so you need a little luck to get a good item. Good luck and hopefully get interesting results.

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