4 PUBG Mobile Secret Role Game Chicken Dinner

4 PUBG Mobile Secret Role Game Chicken Dinner - PUBG Mobile Role, like a MOBA game in the battle royale game, there is also a division of roles for squad / team games, in PUBG Mobile one squad game consists of 4 players where each player has an important role to watch so it can be chicken dinnnerrrrrrr.

For beginners, PUBG Mobile games may not pay attention to the role that should be played for that, let's see what and how the role play squad in the PUBG Mobile game.

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4 PUBG Mobile Secret Role Game Chicken Dinner
4 PUBG Mobile Secret Role Game Chicken Dinner
It's also called a shooting game, everything is marksman! Eits calm first, which is coupled with marksman in the game battle royale with the game MOBA because this role marksman is tasked to give damage to the enemy with a medium distance - far away.

Marksman is very reliable so that the heart of the team's defense is not easily broken, especially when the zone has begun to narrow, the role of the marksman is very reliable in finding the whereabouts of the enemy.

Weapons that must be held by marksman are Assault Rifle (AR) weapons such as AKM, M416, SCAR-L, Groza or AUG, the most important thing as a marksman is that they should not be easy to panic and have the best aim accuracy.

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The next role is the sniper as a sniper, of course, you have to be good at finding and killing enemies who have a considerable distance, the sniper has the first preventive role before the enemy or you are forced to approach.

Looking for a strategic position so you can detect your opponent first, by knowing your opponent's position first then your team can make preparations to carry out an ambush and or if possible can be completed immediately by the sniper.

As a sniper, you also have to be able to cover your friends when you are going to ambush or boot a place that is quite dangerous. The x8 scope must be owned by a sniper with adequate weapons such as SKS, Kar98k, M24 or AWM. If you have not been able to find a sniper type weapon for a while you can use AR weapons by changing the type of shot to single.

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Flex role can be considered as role support if we compare it with MOBA games, a position that is quite difficult for some battle royale game players besides commonly referred to as role flex armory, it also doubles as a medical team.

Players with flex roles cannot be too focused on killing enemies, flex must focus on the safety of the team and supply the ammunition needed by our squad. Being the shadow of a breacher, the flex must be able to provide assistance and assist during the breach will do the clearing of the enemy area.

The weapon equipment from role flex is enough with only light weapons such as UMP9, Vector, Tommy gun or just carrying a shotgun for necessity if at times you have to deal with the enemy accidentally just as self-protection. Important items from Flex Haris use the highest level of helmets and armor.

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The last role of the PUBG Mobile squad is Breacher, this position is more difficult than a marksman, a breacher also should not be easy to panic and must have the best reflexes from other players.

A breacher must be able to lead a team to find the right time and path in the battle area, if the calculation is wrong then the squad's safety will be at stake.

For armor and helmets, we give top priority after that, new role flex, because as a penetrator of the front enemy defense area must use the highest defense items. The weapon that must be carried by a breacher is the same as the type of weapon carried by marksman because at the end of the match a marksman and breacher will take the same role to complete the mission.

That is the fourth pubg mobile role player that we must understand so that our squad gets stronger because if the squad carelessly does not take each role it will be very difficult to obtain CHICKEN DINNER ......

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