PUBG Mobile Sniper Weapon List

PUBG Mobile Sniper Weapon List - There are so many weapons in PUBG but it's the most deadly PUBG mobile sniper weapon. Because you don't need to fight at close range with just one long-range shot that is right on target, the enemy will fall down. If you are already good enough to play this game, of course, you are also adept at using this type of weapon. There are various types of snipers on PUBG mobile. Here will be shared to choose the order of the most important for your opponent.

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A Variety of Deadly PUBG Mobile Sniper Weapons

You must realize that of all the weapons in the PUBG it is indeed the goddess of the sniper. Just imagine a sniper has the farthest range or range of weapons compared to all weapons. Snipers are usually called effective wasting machines. Even so, not everyone can be proficient at using. For that practice. Here you will be advised to use which sniper is the most effective way to kill your opponent. Next is the complete PUBG sniper weapon.
PUBG Mobile Sniper Weapon List
PUBG Mobile Sniper Weapon List


This sniper is one of the favorites because many use it. Besides being easy in mobility, this weapon is also effective as a sudden attack on the enemy. The reach of 800 is also one of its advantages.

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This one PUBG mobile sniper weapon is considered deadly for some pro players. The damage level and bullet speed are effective for killing opponents as far away as possible.


Even though the damage to the level is average, but it can shoot and the speed can be matched with other snipers. Attachments of up to 4 slots allow this weapon to be accurate in long-range shots.


This sniper weapon has the highest damage rate compared to the others, the firing rank is also the highest. The speed is also high, but the disadvantage is the little mag slot and also the type of cock sniper that is really the default. Even so, it won't be a problem as long as you shoot directly at the target.

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Mini 14

The following sniper has the highest shot speed in its class and the most mag slots. With such quality, it makes this weapon more favored than AWM. The level of damage on average is not a problem, because the throwing of bullets per second is very effective to kill faster.


With a 9mm bullet, this weapon can penetrate armor that protects the enemy. The range is indeed quite short, but it is very effective against middle-range enemies. In addition to the scope that must be a weapon, you don't need to look for scope anymore.


This PUBG mobile sniper weapon has enough attachments to be effective in long range combat. The same range as MK14 makes SKS a favorite for weapons and for the old players in this game.


This old type of weapon is interesting, but the disadvantage is that there is no slot to install the scope. Making this weapon coverage is quite short because it only relies on shots from the gun directly. However, this weapon is quite easy to find, so it is included in this sniper.

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That was the most deadly PUBG mobile sniper weapon revolution. Even so, it does not mean that other weapons are of no use. The essence of this game is survival, so any weapon you get is very useful to support you can survive until the end of this game. Good luck and good luck.

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