7 Tricks and Ways to Increase Aim on Pubg Mobile

7 Tricks and Ways to Increase Aim on Pubg Mobile - It's a shame, we have booted the weapon and got a lot, but we can't control the weapon / Aim is bad. Sadly, of course, you can't keep going with the aim of being ugly. You have to practice so that you aim for good. Well here's the trick aim and how to improve it on PUBG Mobile.

The problem is, there are very few players who aim at it badly, they can be Rank # 1 or Chicken dinner. Yes, it's clear bro, just meet the most deadly enemies immediately. For those of you who aim at it still bad, there's no need for a chicken dinner. You fix your aim first.

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Controlling weapons or aiming at PUBG Mobile is actually very easy. I say it's easy because there is a little auto-aim, so the target can be sure to get shot. But for those who are not familiar or do not know the trick, it will be difficult.
7 Tricks and Ways to Increase Aim on Pubg Mobile
7 Tricks and Ways to Increase Aim on Pubg Mobile
How to make our aim good? one way is to follow the suggestions below, then immediately practice what you have learned.

7 Tricks & Ways to Improve Aim at PUBG Mobile

There are many things that affect the good or not of your Aim in PUBG. For example, the comfort factor of setting, the lag factor or not, etc. Now to increase the aim, please refer to the method below, plus trick aim.

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1. The control settings are as comfortable as possible

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Different people have different characters. Some like to play with low screen sensitivity, and some like to play with high screen sensitivity. Well, you have to know which character is right for you. If I feel like the screen sensitivity is rather low.

besides that, you have to set the button on the mobile PUBG. Make it as comfortable as possible, for example, the button is enlarged to make it nice to squeeze, etc. In essence, make the control settings comfortable so that you aim to increase.

2. Using Scope

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So that when shooting is more comfortable and more accurate, don't forget to use a scope. When using a scope, you will certainly find it easier to aim at the enemy. Moreover, the scope with zoom feature (2x, 4x, 8x), you will be able to more accurately aim at enemies from a distance though.

But the problem is, there are some cell phones that use 4x or 8x scope, it feels lag so that the target is not hit by a bullet or the target is not shot perfectly. For this reason, experiment with whether your cell phone is lagging when using 4x and 8x scopes.

not only scope with a zoom feature, but you can also use red dot sight, for enemies with a close or medium distance. Because red dot sight does not zoom so it is very convenient to use near or medium range enemies.

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3. Don't Shoot in the Third Person Mode

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When shooting in third person mode, the aim of the weapon will be chaotic. The possibility of being hit by a target is so difficult that you are the one who is killed. Whatever the weapon, whether it's already or scope or not, it's recommended that you shoot in first person mode.

With the first person mode, you will find it easier to aim at the target + aim your weapon to be neater so that there is no such thing as a missed shot. But you also have to do certain tricks so that the shot is really right and not throwing away the bullets, the trick can be read in the next stage.

4. Watch Tempo You Shoot

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When you shoot, surely the weapon you are using is unstable and the direction of the shot will go up. Well, this can happen if you shoot without pause. When shooting a target, you have to use the shooting tempo that fits so that the aim of the weapon remains in the target and does not rise upwards.

Now how do you do that, you have to pay attention to the tempo when shooting. when you shoot, the crosshair weapon will point upwards right, now when the crosshair weapon has gone up to exceed the enemy's head, you stop firing for a while, then shoot again until the crosshair weapon goes up, then stop shooting and shoot again. Repeat until the enemy dies.

the above method is more effective, faster and more effective than you shoot the enemy by pressing and holding the firing button.

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5. Use Aim Assist

Aim assists to help direct the weapon to the target automatically. So you will find it easier to aim at the target because you have been assisted with this aim assist. Now, this aim assist is automatically set active in the settings. For its location under the crosshair setting in the settings.

6. Don't hunt down to shoot

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One of the habits of beginner PUBG players is to hurry to shoot at the enemy even though the crosshair is not right on target. So the shots don't hit the target, and just make you die.

Advice from me, point the crosshair to the enemy and make sure not to deviate. If it's right, hurry and shoot the first mode and don't forget to use the tempo so that the crosshair weapon doesn't go up.

If necessary, aim right at the enemy head so that the enemy easily dies. But to aim at the enemy head, you have to practice a lot to get used to it.

7. Don't Tense & Stay Relax

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If you have practiced the 6 methods above, but aiming for you are still ugly, chances are you are too tense. Tense hands can make it difficult for you to direct the crosshair to the target, and when shooting can reduce your aim skills.

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So, play casually, don't get tense especially if it's already in the top 5 hehehe

Now that's the trick and how to improve your aim at PUBG. Of course, increasing your aim is not easy, you must continue to practice aim so that when you shoot it is always exposed to the enemy.

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