The Best Landing / Loot Place for PUBG Mobile and Safer Hides

The Best Landing / Loot Place for PUBG Mobile and Safer Hides - The game industry is growing with a variety of interesting genres and game models. One of the most popular games is PUBG mobile. This game is a mobile version of PUBG that can be played on an Android or iPhone based smartphone.

You need to know, PUBG is a type of survival, action and shooting game. Players do battle royals in certain areas so that there is only one person left. Where is the best pubg mobile landing/loot place? To find out the answer, see the following review.

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Some of the Best Landing / Loot Places for PUBG Mobile

Before finding the best pubg mobile landing/loot place, you must understand the gameplay of this game. The game starts when the player jumps from the plane to skydive and then decides where to land. There are many players who participated in trying to get a place full of gear, armor, and other supporting equipment. You will see this when a group of players is heading in the same direction. Choosing the right place will make it easy to take cover, shoot, and survive until you pass to the next level.

Military base

The Best Landing / Loot Place for PUBG Mobile and Safer Hides
The Best Landing / Loot Place for PUBG Mobile and Safer Hides
You need a gun, a shotgun, a bulletproof vest, and equipment to attack and survive. One of the most targeted places is a military base. From the name, you will definitely find a lot of gear in this area and suitable rooms to survive enemy fire. However, the military base is very risky because the intensity of players in this area is very high. You must compete to survive to the end with very high death opportunities. This is comparable to the gear that will be obtained.

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The shelter is an underground area that is often used for shelter. This place is also suitable for landing and loot due to a lot of gear. As one of the best pubg mobile landing/loot places, pay attention to the position and surroundings when you land. Many players also choose shelter for their first landing. From the shelter, players can move to other areas by using a vehicle.


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A hospital or hospital has a multi-storey building. After landing, you can immediately hide and try to collect the gear. This area is quite limited but suitable for beginners. The most important thing about PUBG mobile is to survive so that the hospital can guarantee your survival rate for the beginning of the game.

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One of the best-recommended destinations and landing sites/pubs for mobile is school. This area is similar to hospitals with many walls and tall buildings. You can survive and hide in classrooms while stalking enemies. However, this area is quite open so many other players will come to explore.


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Prison or prison can also be an option for landing and booting equipment. Some players choose this area because there are many opportunities to get new gear quickly. In addition, prison is also very safe for offensive and defensive positions.

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The selection of landing sites is indeed a prerequisite for increasing the chances of success in PUBG mobile. You can follow where the majority of players land, but the risk of being shot and attacked is very high. Before playing, pay attention to the map beforehand to ensure that certain areas are empty of players even though the chances of getting a little gear. The most important thing about the best landing/loot location for pubg mobile is to support the survival of the player itself.

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