The Best Place for PUBG Mobile Map Loot Sanhok m24, gun flare, kar98k

The Best Place for PUBG Mobile Map Loot Sanhok m24, gun flare, kar98k - PUBG Mobile has released a new map on update 0.8.0, just as in other public maps we are required to get weapons as quickly as possible in order to protect ourselves and attack existing enemies near us.

If you are used to playing PUBG games on your PC, of ​​course, you will not be familiar with the places in the most booty map of maps and the ones that are harassed, but not for those of you who only play PUBG Mobile, of course, are quite foreign with good boot locations.

For that please refer to the review below so that you know where the best boot location for the PUBG Mobile sanhok map is with complete weapons. In the following places are usually found the most wanted weapons such as flares, kar98k and m24 if you are lucky.

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The Best Place to Boot on Map Sanhok PUBG Mobile

The Best Place for PUBG Mobile Map Loot Sanhok m24, gun flare, kar98k
The Best Place for PUBG Mobile Map Loot Sanhok
Map sanhok also presents a new weapon, QBZ which uses 5.56mm bullets, this weapon is used to replace SCAR-L weapons, this time the admin feels that QBZ has better recoil than m416 weapons, what about you? write in the comments column!

To get the chicken dinner in the PUBG Mobile game is not easy, without the best weaponry there is no guarantee that you will complete this mission to number 1. To get the best weapon you must know the best weapons places in the Sanhok map.

1. Ruins

PUBG Sanhok map: best places for loot, where to drop
Located in the middle of the left, in each game it is usually very possible to jump in this place because the plane's path is not far from the ruins. I am sure you will find QBZ weapons quickly in this place. If you land first, then choose the top floor but if there are enemies who land first you can find the safest position.

You will easily get equipment such as helmet level 2 and vest level 2. Sniper weapons are like m24 or flares are usually located on the bottom floor.

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2. Bootcamp

PUBG Sanhok map - size, best start locations
This place is a military base in Sanhok. Like the military bases in Miramar and Engrangel, Bootcamp Sanhok also promises excellent equipment. However, if you land here, you must be prepared for a lot of enemies who will also land in this place, if you don't like the battle at the beginning of the game, I suggest not landing in this place because this place can certainly be very riotous.

This place consists of many buildings that spawn weapons, coverage, and the best attachments in the game. However, landing here means you must be ready for action as soon as you set foot here. It is highly recommended that you stop at Bootcamp only if you are a pro and like confrontation. Beginner players must avoid landing here.

3. Paradise Resort

PUBG - Best Places to Land in Sanhok | Tips
Paradise Resort
The next most chaotic place which is 'Paradise Resort' has become commonplace if the place with the best loot will become the most chaotic place to land and get ready to become the months of PUBG Mobile.

Compared to the risk of paradise resorts also providing a lot of top-level weaponry don't worry about bullets, medkits, vests, and helmets you will easily find, I think if you bring 10 levels 3 bags it won't be enough to carry bullets in this place.

The flare gun is also commonly found in this place, but if you are going to boot, I suggest you be very careful because there are many places to hide, maybe because you are looking for a flare gun, you will get a headshot !!!

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Those are the 3 places that the admin considers the most booty and the most riotous if you don't like riots you can land at the level below, like Mongnai, Bhan, and Cave. because in the map Sanhok is a map that is smaller than the other maps, one place with another will feel very close.

If you beginners are looking for safety just landing on the mine, Sanmee, Kampong, Pai Nan, Camp Alpha or other important things, do not land in the 3 places above, but if you don't dare to become a Pro Player.

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