This is the Level / Rank Order in PUBG Mobile

This is the Level / Rank Order in PUBG Mobile - For you true gamers. Moreover, those who often play PUBG must already know or understand that there is a rank level in PUBG mobile. Here will be explained what level or rank is so that you know and can be encouraged to reach a higher rank each time you play. There are at least eight levels that you can achieve. Even though there may not be anyone at the highest level at the moment.

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Level / Rank Levels in PUBG Mobile From Top to Bottom

It has been said at the outset that there are at least eight levels of levels that can be achieved. But that too is definitely not easy, especially for beginners, because for those who have played this game for a long time, they may not have reached a high level. But just be patient, because your abilities will definitely increase. The more you play, the more you practice. So the chances of winning will be higher, don't worry if at the beginning you still don't understand how to play this game. The following is a list of rank levels in the PUBG Mobile from the top to the bottom.
This is the Level / Rank Order in PUBG Mobile
This is the Level / Rank Order in PUBG Mobile

Invincible God of War or Conquer

This is the highest level known to date. The symbol of the M24 sniper is gold. Either there is or hasn't reached it. At this level there are five levels, namely, conquer 5, conquer 4, conquer 3, conquer 2, and conquer 1. You who have reached this level can be said to be a god of war.

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Crown / Glory crown

The level of rank in PUBG mobile is quite prestigious. Since this game was released all competed to reach the crown level. Just like the top level, there are five levels here: crown 5, crown 4, crown 3, crown 2, and crown 1. this rank has the KAR98K sniper symbol.

Immortal star diamond / Diamond

Marked by the rank symbol rifles M16A4 and AKM which are also quite deadly weapons in this game. To reach the rank at PUBG mobile, you must have been on the pro level and above. Still with five levels: diamond 5 to diamond 1.

Platinum / Tough platinum

Players at this level are already pro players who prefer long to medium distance combat. It is marked by the symbol of the UMP weapon for a far middle-range attack. There are also five levels: platinum 5 to platinum 1.

Gold / heroic gold

This rank is symbolized by a pan and shotgun which are close range lethal weapons. At this stage, it means that if you successfully reach it indicates that you are already proficient at playing this game. Still with the same level of gold 5 to gold 1.

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Unbending silver/silver

In the second rank from below, you can be said to have stepped forward. Marked with pots and pistols which must be the symbol of close combat weapons. Don't worry because you will definitely go to the next step. The rank or sequence is still the same as silver 5 to silver 1.

Bronze/blood bronze

This lowest rank is definitely a comfortable place for you beginners. For those of you who have just played this game, you can only find weapons for close combat like a pan. Effective weapon to hit the enemy's head. Also consists of five levels: bronze 5 to bronze 1.

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Those are the seven rank levels on the PUBG Mobile that you play on Android or PC. Fight to the highest level so that you find a lot of excitement that has never been felt when playing other games. en felt when playing other games.

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