25 Tips and Tricks for Playing PUBG Mobile to Win Chicken Dinner

25 Tips and Tricks for Playing PUBG Mobile to Win Chicken Dinner - Tips and Tricks for Playing PUBG Mobile for Beginners to Win Chicken Dinner. Now you can play PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on your smartphones. FYI, for those of you who are new to this game, PUBG is a survival game. To be a winner you must survive buddy, so you have to put all your skills here, whether it's "machinations" or brightly up in arms.

But sometimes everything is lacking to get you to be a winner, so you have to read tips and tricks on playing PUBG Mobile so that you win. Actually, how to play pubg for beginners is very easy, especially for those of you who like shooter games are suitable. In this guide, you will find lots of tips and tricks for playing PUBG Mobile to win continuously, yeah so you can eat well and sleep well. Let's check those out.

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Tips and Tricks for Playing PUBG Mobile to Win a Chicken Dinner

25 Tips and Tricks for Playing PUBG Mobile to Win Chicken Dinner
25 Tips and Tricks for Playing PUBG Mobile to Win Chicken Dinner

1. Determine the Landing Place

30 Cool PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Get that Chicken Dinner
The first tips and tricks for playing PUBG Mobile are determining a safe landing place. When you jump from the plane make sure you don't just fly away, you have to know exactly where you will land, and of course, the first condition of the place must be safe.

It is safe from the possibility that you will die immediately after you land, don't land in a place that is crowded with enemies. Also try to land in a productive place, which provides weapons and armor, but be careful other players may also head there. My advice island in the building or building.

2. Find Important Equipment

Take whatever weapons, ammunition, armor, medicines, and backpacks that you first found. Believe this Tips will help you Play PUBG Mobile, find the weapons around the building. Remember, you're not the only one who wants those weapons.

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3. Shoot According to Scope Ability

The next trick for you to win playing PUBG Mobile is to not try to shoot an opponent who is out of reach or shoot your opponent with a weapon that is not qualified. That will only provoke commotion, and the link between you will die.

4. Learn Armament

You must know every weapon that is provided in PUBG. Yes, you have to know which weapons are for a close, medium, and far distances. Well, I`ll tell you a bit, Gun and SMG are used for short range, assault rifles, and good pistols for medium range combat, and snipers are perfect for long-range shots.

5. Monitor and learn the map

PUBG mobile: 6 tips to grab a chicken dinner
Tips and tricks for playing PUBG mobile so that the fifth chicken dinner win is by watching and studying the map. Maybe this doesn't sound too important, but learning and watching the map during play is very important. These tips are important if you need a safe escape.

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6. Vehicles

How To Win Chicken Dinners: PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks
Try to find vehicles in big cities, these tips will really help you play PUBG when going from one place to another, of course. But make sure when you loot the vehicle, there are no other players in the vehicle. Motorcycle or jeep my advice.

7. Graph Settings According to Specs

Make sure your cellphone is qualified for this game because if only your cellphone is not capable it is very possible when you play there is a problem and in the end, your victory becomes a victim.

8. Settings

This might be a little less noticed, but really this is very useful. activate Peek & Fire mode, move each aspect of the HUD to your liking, increase the size of the button, and change the transparency of the icon.

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9. Communication

This is especially for you who playgroups and want to win a chicken dinner. Communication is a very important buddy, in addition to managing your strategy, you can also motivate your team to win.

10. Number of Attackers

Tips and tricks for playing PUBG mobile to win chicken dinner are to think of the amount. If you belong to the group, maybe you will be safer when attacking. But if you are an individual player you can also form temporary allies, to increase your winning potential.

11. Activate Auto Function

Some of you may be familiar with PUBG, so you might have played it on a PC, and it might be a bit awkward when you play it on the Touchscreen, activating Auto Function will be very helpful, trust me.

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12. Don't MUTE the Speaker

Never play PUBG in mute mode, because this will be very detrimental to you. Every shot you hear will inform you where your enemies are. This trick for playing PUBG will help you get chicken dinner.

13. Avoid Red and Blue Areas

Why ? because in this area there will be an unexpected and uncontrollable attack, so you should be far from those two places.

14. Close the door

The trick for playing PUBG is for smart players when a building is empty, the door will automatically be closed, and vice versa, so be sure to close the door again, so the enemy doesn't know if you are inside.

15. Playing Team

Well, if you really want to win, I suggest playing in a team. This way you will have more opportunities because you will get the opportunity to be helped to live again and have more supplies of weapons.

16. Pay Attention And Use Wind Eyes

By paying attention to this wind, it will help and facilitate you in the game, especially if you are in a team, to show the location of your enemy just need to mention the direction of the wind. The trick for playing PUBG is easy but very useful.

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17. Don't Busy Loot

PUBG tips - 74 tricks for both beginners and those still mastering PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Indeed, the loot is important, but if you are looting frequently you might miss the fight, and maybe you will die because of the focus of the loot. So you have to determine when is the right time to loot.

18. Free Look

Activating this mode is very useful when you run because there might be enemies behind or beside you. The trick to playing PUBG is to activate the Free look, so you can look in various directions without having to turn around.

19. Allow One Friend to Be the Target of the Opponent

Top 25 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Get the Chicken Dinner
It's a bit sadistic, but sometimes it needs to be done when your circle gets narrower. Yes, only as bait, don't get killed. But if killed what do you want to say.

20. Waiting

This is probably the easiest trick to playing PUBG because hiding and just waiting for the enemy to approach will reduce the chances of you dying. I suggest waiting at a high place, such as a building.

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21. Hide the Grass

Tips on Winning from the Top 10, by Rank 1 Solos Player Mobius
These tips are very useful when you are spying on an opponent, even though grass does not protect you from the fire but grass can protect you from the sight of the enemy.

22. Do not use the vehicle when the circle shrinks

In tips and tricks on playing PUBG in order to win the chicken dinner above, I mentioned that using a vehicle will help you win this game, but unfortunately, it is useless when you are in the final stage. Because the sound of the vehicle will provoke the enemy to know your location because the circle gets smaller.

23. Don't Run

What are tips and tricks can you give for playing PUBG Mobile?
This tip applies when you have reached the final stage because as I explained above, the circle will get smaller. So it's best when you reach the final stage, you walk creeping or just squatting.

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24. Boost

The tips and tricks for playing PUBG next are to use Boost. Boost is useful to make you able to run faster and raise blood stats little by little. You can get a boost from drinks and painkillers. It's like an energy drink if it's in the real world.

25. Take advantage of the Water Drop Supply

Tips and tricks to survive and win in PUBG Mobile
There will be a lot of important drop from the plane when it reaches the final stage, besides you can get supplies, you can also use this drop as bait, enemies will also approach and look for supplies when you act in the right place by shooting at them.

That's 25 tips and tricks for playing PUBG so that you win continuously, all the following tips and tricks will be more if you are rewarded with enthusiasm and trust can win. Ok, then happy gaming.

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