Tips for Chicken Dinner Playing Squad PUBG Mobile

Tips for Chicken Dinner Playing Squad PUBG Mobile - Playing in PUBG Mobile is more difficult than playing solo in classic or arcade mode games, here are some tips you can learn to help you win the PUBG mobile game with your team.

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Tips for Chicken Dinner Playing Squad PUBG Mobile

Coordinate your landing zone

When you glide to the island, you can coordinate your LZ by opening the map and tapping to tie the mark. If you land in a remote place, you will spend time meeting each other later.

Use follow me to coordinate your landing

PUBG mobile: 6 tips to grab a chicken dinner
For the beginning of the release of the mobile version of PUBG, there is no "follow" feature so that all teams can do the plunge together and follow the guide to land in the same place, this feature makes it easier for us, no need to coordinate anymore just follow one person player.

Find your team members

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If you are not together, find other members to always be together because if there is a help to revive then your teammates can help quickly and save you.

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Stay together but spread

How To Get Chicken Dinners on PUBG Mobile
Plotting or gathering into one makes it easy for the enemy to find you and strafe you with a single shot if all the teams are hit then no one can revive. By spreading you can sterilize places from enemies from all directions.

Search for places to revive

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If any of your friends are shot and need you to revive the scene, hurry up to him in the place where he fell to immediately revive because the enemy is waiting for it and shoots you easily. Look for a safe place before you convince your friends, make sure the enemy can't see and shoot.

Important tips for winning PUBG Mobile

All of the above can be your factor in winning this battle royal game, and the following important tips for getting a chicken dinner that is not much noticed by the players.

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Get a weapon from a falling cargo chest

Usually inside a chest dropped from the plane inside it contains weapons or other items that we rarely find in our ordinary homes looting like ghili (camouflage clothes) or AWM snipers that we rarely find. When you find the water drop, don't go straight to you, because usually around the coffin are enemies lurking, so make sure it's safe first, then you take the equipment.

Stay in the safe zone

Keeping your team in the white zone area is very important because the circle will continue to shrink so if you are far from the white zone it can be exposed to the blue zone which can cause death. Another advantage if you are in the white zone you can determine a safe position to block the enemy. If you want to be outside the zone, prepare a car to take the team to the white area quickly.

Pay attention to the map

When the enemy moves then it will be heard by us and if you look at the map there will be a footprint to indicate the direction of the enemy. The farther the enemy the sound will be smaller and the picture will also fade, as well as the sound of cars and shots.

Use grenades

When we find an enemy crawling on the ground (let alone using ghili) it will be difficult to find where the enemy is, now when is the right moment to throw your grenade so they run away and you can aim at it. Molotov cocktails (cocktails) are very effective if the area you are estimating is wider.

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That's a little description from me about the PUBG Mobile game and how to get chicken dinner, if you have important tips that I miss, please write in the comments column. thanks.

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