Must Know ​​!!! 5 Types of PUBG Mobile Weapons for Beginners

Must Know ​​!!! 5 Types of PUBG Mobile Weapons for Beginners - For those of you who like the game of fighting man to man or group, surely you are no stranger to the PUBG game. Yes, the Unknown Battleground Player game is very popular nowadays. Even the players are said to be up to four hundred million people.

This game is not only about fighting to the death, but also about strategy especially if you choose to play in groups, duo or two people and a squad or four people. But it is highly recommended for novice players to play solo or alone because it will be easier if only your life must be maintained. Here will be discussed the types of PUBG Mobile weapons so that you are more familiar with this game.

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Must Know ​​!!! 5 Types of PUBG Mobile Weapons for Beginners
Must Know ​​!!! 5 Types of PUBG Mobile Weapons for Beginners

5 Types of PUBG Mobile Weapons for Beginners

Actually, there are many weapons that can be selected when playing in PUBG but there are some weapons that are recommended for beginner players. The consideration for getting this weapon is the effectiveness of the attack also makes it easier in your mobility or movement. Without further ado, here is a list of PUBG Mobile weapons that can be recommended for beginners.

Light Machine guns

Ultimate PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide
This weapon has a mobility that is not good enough. But the advantage is damage or damage is higher than rifles which is a favorite of beginners. So if you find two choices, you should choose M249 which is the family of the light machine gun.

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PUBG: The best weapons in the game (PC, Xbox One)
The second PUBG Mobile weapon is very effective for close combat. You better be prepared for a gun than you don't have a weapon at all especially when you meet the enemy, at least you can reciprocate. The small size will not hinder your mobility. P1911 type pistols are highly recommended because in terms of bullet capacity there is also a lot of high damage.

Shot Guns

PUBG Mobile | Best Gun & Weapon List
The shotgun is great for close range shots because of the high damage effect. Even though you as a beginner can't aim properly if with a shotgun it won't be a problem, because it will still hit the target or the enemy. But keep in mind this weapon is only suitable for short distances.

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Submachine guns

Best Weapons in PUBG - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Wiki Guide
This PUBG Mobile weapon is called effective for close to medium combat. So it is very suitable as a combination of shotguns and rifles. The level of accuracy is good, with a large number of bullets. It is strongly recommended to use type UMP9 because the viewfinder is the most distant among other gun sub-machines.


The 7 Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile | PUBG Mobile
This weapon is the most favorite weapon for beginners because it is suitable for various conditions. Near and far distances are still okay. Although for long distances it is still not as accurate as a sniper, this weapon is worth considering. Bullet capacity is also one of the advantages. Coupled with the number of bullets spit out every shot is enough so it is very effective for attacks. It is recommended to choose M416 because the speed and distance are quite far. By attaching up to number five will also help you.

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The five PUBG Mobile weapons above will help you start the game with exciting and thrilling battles. But even then if you managed to find one of the weapons above. If you don't find it, it might be bad for you, because the enemy is ready to kill you at any time. Immediately find weapons in buildings around you when you touch the land.

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