Ways to Win and Play Ranked PUBG Mobile

Ways to Win and Play Ranked PUBG Mobile - PUBG Mobile or Unknown Battleground Players Mobile is one game that is popular among smartphone gamers.

This game is a PC and Console game which was released again in the Mobile version.

However, it can be said that PUBG M games are more successful and get more players than the PC version and Console.

In the PUBG M game, there is a Rank system that you can improve by winning the Ranked mode.

The high rank of the account you have will prove how jealous the skills you have.

There are 3 different modes in Ranking, namely Solo, Duo, and Squad.

However, some people prefer Squad mode.

Apart from being easier, Squad mode with 4 players allows you to work together between teams especially if you play with friends or relatives.

Ranked Solo mode is certainly more difficult than other modes. However, for those of you who are accustomed to being "Lone Ranger" maybe you can use some of these tips when doing a Ranked Solo and maybe also can for duo and squad modes.

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Tips for winning continue to play PUBG Mobile

1. Don't desire to kill

Ways to Win and Play Ranked PUBG Mobile
Ways to Win and Play Ranked PUBG Mobile
Battle Royale games are not like other shooter games where you have to kill as many as you can to win.

However, in the PUBG M game, you only need to survive to be the only surviving player.

Therefore, avoid dealing with enemies because this will increase your risk of getting shot.

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2. Stay away from many loot places

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: Become a battle royale master
Stay away from many loot places
Some places that have a lot of loot. This is because there will be many other players who participate in targeting the place.

So you will face many enemy players.

Look for a quiet Landing site and have lots of buildings to hide. Even though it doesn't have many weapons to boot, but a place like this is fairly safe for you Solo Players.

3. Search and use the weapon that you control

PUBG Mobile Ranking System Guide: Understanding Your Rank
Search and use the weapon that you control
There are many types of weapons in this game. Each weapon also has its own statistics and advantages.

Therefore, look for weapons that you really master. If you are the type of player who likes to play remotely, try to find a Rifle weapon with a scope.

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That's a little trick from Gamersriseup.xyz on how to play ranked PUBG in order to win continuously.

Hopefully, this posting can really help you guys ...


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