What is Muzzle and Recoil in PUBG Mobile

What is Muzzle and Recoil in PUBG Mobile - PUBG mobile gaming boom indeed makes everyone feel like playing it. But there is one thing that must be known before people play this game, the terms in it. Because if you don't know the term just the same person won't play this game smoothly, instead there will be someone killed at the start of the game. For this reason, it is very important for you to know terms or codes that may have to be understood first before playing them. One of the terms that you must know about is muzzle and recoil in PUBG mobile.

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What are the Muzzle and Recoil in the PUBG Mobile and its function

What is Muzzle and Recoil in PUBG Mobile
What is Muzzle and Recoil in PUBG Mobile
The muzzle is an attachment to the weapon that serves to reduce the recoil effect, reduce the sound of gunfire, also increase the accuracy in shooting. For those of you who may still be unfamiliar with the term recoil, the following will be explained. Recoil is a shock caused by a bullet that is ejected from a weapon or shotgun. The basic function of the muzzle itself is to reduce the shock. The beat must be muted so that the direction of shooting is more focused. What is a muzzle and recoil in a PUBG mobile? The answer is as follows:

Flash Hider

PUBG Weapon Attachment Guide: Muzzle Mods
It is a combination of the effects of the suppressor and the compensator, so if you ask what is a muzzle and recoil in a PUBG mobile, a flash hider is one type. Namely muzzle with multiple functions.

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**PUBG Weapon Attachments & Description** : PUBGMobile
The suppressor has the function of reducing sparks can also reduce the sound of gunfire, it is perfect for those of you who like to shoot secretly2. So that it will be more difficult to detect by your enemy.


PUBG Mobile | AKM - Stats, Best Attachments & Tips
This one muzzle has a function to reduce gas or smoke caused as a result of bullet shots. It's just that the side effects of the sound become louder and the effect of the spark becomes greater because this muzzle does not have the function of dampening the sound and sparks. Compensator has its own weapon pair.

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Choke Shotgun

Weapon attachments | PUBG MOBILE
Serves to focus shots fired by the shotgun. If you use this muzzle, the shotgun can increase its firing range even further.

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Recoil itself can be interpreted as a jolt that arises when you fire a bullet. With the muzzle function above, this jerk will be muted so that the direction of the shot becomes more stable and you are easier to hit the target. An explanation of what a muzzle is and recoil in a PUBG mobile has been explained. So indeed your flying hours playing this game will be very influential with how to deal with the enemy.

The more you play this game the more it will memorize and know the best way to deal with enemies. The weapon that you get and also the tactics in playing will determine the victory achieved. At what level you will be very visible from how often you play or play this game. Including understanding existing terms will be easier if you play more often.

What is a muzzle and recoil in a PUBG mobile must be understood so that you know what to do with the muzzle you get when hunting weapons. Because it will be useless if you don't understand the function of the muzzle which is your weapon attachment. Deadly attacks will be created and eliminating enemies can be more effective if you understand about all the weapons in this game. Happy hunting and winning the fight in PUBG.

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