4 Best and the Lightest Kingdom Offline Android Games Run

4 Best and the Lightest Kingdom Offline Android Games Run - Now, not a few people choose to buy Android for entertainment purposes, for example, to play games. Android games from year to year are increasing and more and more small developers are emerging.

Everyone has different gaming tastes, some like war games, offline royal games, wild racing games, online games, and other games. Now on this occasion, I will share some lists of Kingdom Offline Android Games that might be used as a reference for you.

Apart from that, this android offline kingdom game will be perfect for those of you who like or have leadership. Because in some offline kingdom games you will lead a village or place so that it cannot be defeated by other villages. Do you want to know what the game is?

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Here are the Best and Lightest Kingdom Offline Android Games

1. Art of War 3: PvP RTS Strategy

4 Best and the Lightest Kingdom Offline Android Games Run
The first android offline kingdom game is Art of War developed by HeroCraft Ltd developers, who are already quite famous in making games and have a high rating in this one game. This is clear because this game has good graphics quality with very interesting gameplay.

Here you must build an empire with a strong fortress and you must also be prepared to attack and be attacked by the enemy. Intelligence in managing time is very necessary for this game, you must be smart when to attack and when to do defense. If it's not like that, your kingdom will be destroyed.

2. Kingdoms and Lords

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Furthermore, this offline kingdom game,, and Lords, is more like a colonial story. Initially, you lived in a peaceful village, but suddenly the village had to go to war to defend its territory. Unfortunately, Dark King came and defeated the village.

Now your job is to get the village back from the power of Dark King and start building the village back to its original state. Very interesting right? So remember the Indonesian occupation period.

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3. Dragon Warcraft

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Maybe you've heard or seen someone playing Warcraft in an internet cafe, it certainly uses an internet connection or online. But this Dragon Warcraft game is an offline royal game for android. This game is getting quite a high rating, this is clear because the graphics and gameplay of this game are quite interesting.

In this game you have to develop your strategy as best you can, because you will fight with other kingdoms to take over an area.

4. Cat War 2

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This offline royal war game is very interesting because the warring is not human but a cat. This game was developed by West River, which is pretty much interested, because of that, this game is interesting and light to run because it is only 30 MB in size. You will have warriors who carry different weapons, there are archer cats and ninja cats. Where you can use the cats to defend the kingdom from enemies and defeat the enemy. Intrigued by this one game? You can download it on the Google Play Store for free.

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Those are some recommendations for the Offline Kingdom War Android Game that you can try one by one because the four games have stories that are equally interesting and challenging. The above royal war games don't require an internet connection (offline), so for those of you who don't have a quota don't worry. In addition, all the games above are lightweight games to run, because they are only small in size.

Maybe this is enough for this time, hopefully, it's useful.

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