6 Easy and Fast Ways to Push PUBG Mobile

6 Easy and Fast Ways to Push PUBG Mobile - Push rank in PUBG Mobile may often be done every day, but push rank is not easy to do, often rank up (losing rank) suddenly loses continuously and finally down rank again.

Moreover, the rank in PUBG Mobile is reset every 3 months, which is often called reset season. Where the rank we have got will return to a certain level and of course, we have to push rank again so that we can increase rank again. There are 8 rank levels in PUBG Mobile, namely:
6 Easy and Fast Ways to Push PUBG Mobile
6 Easy and Fast Ways to Push PUBG Mobile
  • Bronze (Tier I - V
  • Silver (Tier I - V)
  • Gold (Tier I - V)
  • Platinum (Tier I - V)
  • Diamond (Tier I - V)
  • Crown (Tier I - V)
  • Ace
  • Conqueror

Each game mode (Solo, Duo, Squad) has its own rank level. Suppose that in your Squad rank is Ace, well for matters in other modes (Solo or Duo) your rank will be different again.

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How to PUBG Mobile Push Rank

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Why do you have to push rank on PUBG Mobile? there are several advantages if you are in the top rank, including:
  • Position rank indicates your playing skill, automatically getting better, the higher the rank.
  • Rank upon fewer bots doesn't even exist at all, this makes the game more competitive.
  • Each rank has an interesting and epic prize, where the higher the rank the better the prize that will be obtained. The prize I mean is Season Rewards.

What affects the rank increase?

Before discussing how to push rank PUBG Mobile, there are a number of things that you should know that are a factor of decreasing or increasing rank. This is so that it can be a benchmark for playing better, as for these factors are:

1. Kill Rating

Where will you get the kill rating if you kill enemies in the game, then automatically killing more will get even more kill ratings? Especially if you kill an enemy that has a rank above you, the kill rating will increase more than the enemy that is equal or lower.

2. Survival Rating

This survival rating is a result of how long you can live in the game. In addition, the use of Health and Survive friends will also add a survival rating point.

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How do you push rank PUBG Mobile quickly and easily?

I hope you understand why you have to do the PUBG Mobile push rank with some of the explanations above. Well in this section I will give the core of this article, namely How to Push Rank PUBG Mobile.

1. Play with Squad

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Know that playing with friends (Squad) is a faster push rank. Because you will get a lot of support, such as sharing weapons, reviving each other, and building a strategy for playing so you can have a Chicken Dinner. But of course, it must be with a Squad that can really be invited to work with.

2. Kill more, but don't make it small

Because the kill rating is a rising rank factor, as much as possible you should be able to kill as many enemies as possible. Why ? because it does not rule out the possibility that if you only kill a little, the enemy is a bot, which will get a little kill rating.

Different if you can kill many enemies with a rank higher than you, then the kill rating will also be higher. At least 10 enemy kills are enough, but remember, don't be foolish. That means don't look for enemies here - here for the sake of getting a lot of kills.

3. Last Longer

The next way to push PUBG Mobile is to survive even longer so that you get a high survival point rating. However, this method of survival is not easy, especially in a high rank, because the game will be more competitive.

4. Use friends' Heal and Survive items

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Using heal items (adding blood) and surviving friends who have knocked it will add to the survival rating point. In addition, when you use any heal items and also survive many friends, you will get a Medic Medal, which can add many survival rating points again.

5. Play on Erangel or Miramar

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Erangel and Miramar are vast places that you can choose when you want to fight, in contrast to the smaller Sanhok and shorter battle times. Now playing in Erangel and Miramar, it turns out that you can get more points that affect your rank.

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6. More Chicken Dinner!

The right way to push in PUBG Mobile is often Chicken Dinner. Because you will get a lot of points that can increase rank. But of course it's not easy to get a Chicken Dinner, you have to have a skill, luck, and a good playing strategy.

So that's some of the ways to easily and quickly push PUBG Mobile. I myself like to do all of these ways to increase rank because indeed these methods have been proven. Please share this article with friends and hopefully it will be useful.

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