How to Adjust Voice Volume Chat on PUBG Mobile

How to adjust the volume of voice chat on PUBG Mobile - In a previous post about PUBG, I shared tutorial tips on how to activate and set features to see Peek & Fire PUBG Mobile. Well, on this occasion I will again share PUBG Mobile tips which this time on how to manage a large volume of small voice chat, both for the volume of Microphone or Speaker.

As with PUBG PC (Steam), in PUBG Mobile we can also talk directly with other players using the voice chat feature. The voice chat feature is very useful in online games, the article is to communicate with friends easier to use voice chat rather than having to use communication in the form of writing or typing.

In the PUBG Mobile game itself, communication is very important, the article with good communication will make teamwork more solid, and to achieve victory has a much greater opportunity than no communication at all. In addition, by using voice chat we can communicate directly as if talking on the telephone.
How to Adjust Voice Volume Chat on PUBG Mobile
How to Adjust Voice Volume Chat on PUBG Mobile
Well, when we play the PUBG Mobile game by default the speaker will automatically turn on while for the microphone feature we must activate it first so that it can be used. Both the microphone and speaker features by default also have high volume frequencies. So usually for some smartphones that are quite sensitive, resulting in our voice is quite loud which results in less comfort for other players, and the worst is usually we will be muted.

Likewise for the sound of the speaker, if the sound from another player is considered loud enough, it will certainly have an uncomfortable impact on us. Well, to overcome this problem here I will share a tips tutorial on how to adjust the voice volume of voice chat on PUBG Mobile. Here's the tutorial.

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How to Adjust Voice Volume Chat on PUBG Mobile

  1. First, please enter the PUBG Mobile game.
  2. If you are still in the lobby you can go directly to the settings menu or click the gear icon at the bottom.
    How to use voice chat in PUBG Mobile: A detailed guide
  3. But if you have already entered the game, you can click the gear icon on the top side of the folder to enter the settings menu.
    The Microphone Volume Levels Are Ridiculous : PUBGMobile
  4. If you have entered the Audio menu again. Well, here, please set the volume yourself for a microphone or speaker, please set your own size.
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Now, it's easy not how to adjust the volume of voice chat on PUBG Mobile, please set it yourself according to what you want. This is the article about PUBG Mobile tips that I can share and hopefully useful.

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