How to Log Out and Change PUBG Mobile Accounts

How to change PUBG Mobile accounts - In a previous post about PUBG Mobile, I gave tips on how to not lose PUBG Mobile accounts by linking to existing platforms. As a follow-up tutorial that is still related to this, I will share tips on how to log out and how to change PUBG Mobile. Maybe this tutorial already understands a lot, but for those of you who don't know, see the following tutorial.

Since the popularity of MOBA-based games on smartphone platforms, many developers have now released games that were initially only played on PCs that can be played on smartphones. If the popular MOBA game now is Mobile Legends or AOV, in the FPS genre there is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile or PUBG Mobile released by Tencent around March 2018. Before being officially released globally, PUBG Mobile has been played and tried in the Beta version Test.

Playerunknown's battleground Mobile itself is an Android / IOS based game that is played in a battle royale. Game battle royale itself is a game played by many players, in PUBG M around 100 people, who kill each other to be the last to survive. Not only can you play solo, but we can also play with friends on duo or squad (4 people).
How to Log Out and Change PUBG Mobile Accounts
How to Log Out and Change PUBG Mobile Accounts
Well, in the PUBG Mobile game we can't just play 1 account, but we can play many accounts in 1 cellphone. Or at maximum, we can create and play 4 accounts on PUBG Mobile because there are 4 platforms that can be used to change. Then how do you change PUBG Mobile accounts, along with an explanation along with the tutorial.

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How to Log Out and Change a PUBG Mobile Account

  1. Before doing this method or changing your account, please first link your PUBGM account with the platform that has been provided so as not to disappear or be able to return later.
  2. If it is, first! please open PUBG Mobile, then enter the settings menu.
    Changing Facebook Account : PUBGMobile
  3. Then to log out or exit, please touch the "Log Out" menu in the basic menu in the lower left corner. If there is a notification "Exit the game and log in again?" please touch OK.
    Is there a way to switch my Google Play account linked with PUBG Mobile to different Google Play account?
  4. After that, it will automatically exit and enter the login menu. Here, please enter your other account, or you can also create a new account.
  5. Please log in with the account that you have created or linked to with the platform provided, such as Facebook, Twitter, Guest, Play Games.
    How to logout from a PUBG Mobile account?
  6. Done!

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Well, it's easy not to change PUBG Mobile accounts, the requirement to change accounts is that they must be linked to the platform provided. So tutorial tips that I can share and hopefully useful.

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