How to Overcome Severe Lags When Playing PUBG Mobile

How to Overcome Severe Lags When Playing PUBG Mobile - Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or often referred to as PUBG is a game that is a very popular battle royale and has now been released on Mobile. I also play this game, overall it is really cool, there are lots of interesting challenges and it makes me addicted. Especially if you've played with friends, it's really cool. But it was normal to show resentment when it lagged badly when playing this pubg mobile, even until I released the harsh words haha.

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How to Overcome Lags on PUBG Mobile

Well, therefore, on this occasion I would like to share with you about How to Overcome Severe Lags When Playing PUBG Mobile. Let's look at this article until it's finished ...
How to Overcome Severe Lags When Playing PUBG Mobile
How to Overcome Severe Lags When Playing PUBG Mobile

Try Enough Specs

Now, this is the first cause of lag when playing pubg mobile. To get a smooth movement, of course, we must have enough spec, at least enter the minimum spec.

Well for Android users with 2GB of RAM, Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) and above, 1.5GB of storage can already play pubg mobile in low settings. As for IOS users, you can play it on the iPhone 5S and above that uses iOS v9.0 and above.

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Game Graphics Quality Settings

How can i stop PUBG from lagging ? : PUBGMobile
Game Graphics Quality Settings
The way to overcome lag when playing next pubg mobile is by adjusting or lowering graphics. Remember the graphics settings are very dependent on the specs of your cellphone. So don't force it to get Ultra HD graphics if your cellphone spec is low.

I myself use Redmi 4X 2GB RAM setting at Smooth and FPS at Low. Indeed the image quality is not very good, but not too bad in my opinion when compared to other matching games. But with settings like this, I can play smoothly without lag.

Server Settings

How to fix lagging issues in a PUBG mobile lite version
Server Settings
In the PUBG Mobile game, there are several servers, such as Asia, America, and Europe. Maybe this is the goal so that the server does not overload when many are playing. Well to overcome lag when playing, we can use a server that has the smallest ping (green). For example, because I surf using an Indonesian server, then the automatic server is suitable, namely the Asian server. So basically just use a server that has a small ping (green).

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Use a Stable Network

The use of a stable network can also overcome lag when playing pubg. This is very clear because the game we are playing is an online game with many players totaling 100 people. So to stay connected we must use a stable internet network. Characteristics of a stable internet network, namely ping numbers are always small (green).

Don't Play When the Battery Is Empty

The next severe lag factor is playing pubg when the battery is empty, even below 10%. In conditions like this, do not play pubg even though on a charger. Because these conditions will only damage your battery life. Better first full charger and continue playing again.

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Remove Background Application

Very large background applications can cause severe lag when playing mobile games. Because the background application will still be thought of by the brain of the HP even though it has not been used. So we better first delete all background applications when finished using the application.

Maybe that's all I can share about overcoming lag when playing pubg. Hopefully, it is useful and can make your game cool even more.

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