How to Play PUBG Mobile with Full HD Graphics on PC

How to Play PUBG Full HD Mobile on PC - On this occasion, I will still share tips on PUBG Mobile, which is how to make PUBG Mobile graphics HD when played on Emulators. Well, for the emulator itself, which can be set to HD graphics is Tencent Gaming Buddy or Tencent Emulator.

Tencent Gaming Buddy or often called Tencent Emulator is an Android emulator that was officially developed and released by Tencent itself as a PUBG Mobile game developer. Since PUBG Mobile has quite a number of PC Emulator users, Tencent as the developer of PUBG Mobile released an Emulator specifically used to play PUBG Mobile on PCs. So if you want or intend to play PUBG Mobile on a PC or Laptop, the Tencent Emulator can be the best solution.
How to Play PUBG Mobile with Full HD Graphics on PC
How to Play PUBG Mobile with Full HD Graphics on PC
Because the Tencent Emulator is specifically designed to play PUBG Mobile, of course, some features are very well adapted, such as the controller settings between the features and the keyboard that are very good and can be adjusted by yourself. And another fundamental advantage of the Tencent Emulator is that we can set up PUBG Mobile graphics with HD quality that are not yet available in other Emulators such as the Nox App Player. Because indeed the Tencent Emulator is specifically made for the convenience of playing PUBG Mobile on a PC.

Well, because playing PUBG Mobile with HD graphics is only available on some smartphone series, and is not available on the Emulator, then by using Tencent Gaming Buddy or Tencent Emulator we can play PUBG Mobile on HD quality PCs that can be set by themselves. Ok, here is the tutorial on setting HD graphics on the Tencent Emulator.

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How to set PUBG Mobile HD Graphics on the Tencent Emulator

  1. First, please download and install the Tencent Emulator.
  2. Well, in order to be able to immediately see the results of the graph can enter first into the game or into Training mode. Then enter the settings menu by clicking the "gear" icon in the top right corner.
    How To Play PUBG Mobile In HD Graphics On Potato PC
  3. Then go to the Graphics menu, then select the highest graphics quality, and also select the frame rate, the more right the better, for example, Extreme. And also choose the Style, which can be Classic, Colorful, Realistic, or Soft. If you have click OK and see the results.
    How to play pubg mobile on pc in high graphics | how to set pubg mobile
  4. For example like the picture below, which has been set to HD graphics with colorful styles.
    PUBG Mobile On Intel HD Graphics Settings (Tencent Gaming Buddy
  5. Done!

Even though it is set with HD graphics, the gameplay game isn't LAG at all. Because indeed the Tencent Emulator has minimized this. While the weakness, if we set it to HD graphics, might speed up the reduction of battery power especially if it is played on a laptop. Well, that's all the tutorials and tips that I can share this time and hopefully useful.

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