How to Set Up Peek & Fire PUBG Mobile Features in Emulators

How to activate the Peek & Fire feature in PUBG Mobile Emulator - On this occasion, I will again give PUBG Mobile tips, which is about how to activate Peek & Fire PUBG Mobile controls. I actually made this tutorial for Emulator users, especially Tencent, but if you are a smartphone user, you can see it.

PUBG Mobile is a mobile platform game or battle royale type smartphone. Where 100 players will be placed on an island named Erangel and Miramar, who had previously plunged from the plane. Then immediately take weapons and equipment, and kill all enemies to be the last to survive. Not only can you play individually or solo, in PUBG Mobile allows players to play two or Squad.
How to Set Up Peek & Fire PUBG Mobile Features in Emulators
How to Set Up Peek & Fire PUBG Mobile Features in Emulators
Back to the topic of discussion, as in PUBG PC (Steam), the "Peek & Fire" feature is also available on PUBG Mobile even though it's not by default active. So if you want to use the Peek & Fire feature or control you must first activate it. But before that, what is Peek & Fire? Peek and Fire is a feature that is used to look at or peek at enemies if we are behind a tree or wall.

By using Peek & Fire control when shooting, it will be difficult for the enemy to shoot us because only half the body is visible. Although it was quite risky to get ahead, most of the players didn't aim at the head but aimed at the body. And by using the Peek & Fire feature when shooting behind a tree or home, 60% will reduce our visibility when shooting. Now, for how to activate this feature, you can see the tutorial below, especially for Tencent Emulator users.

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How to Activate Peek & Fire PUBG Mobile

  1. First, please enter the settings menu or click the gear icon in the lower right corner.
    cannot LEAN in tencent gaming buddy emulator : PUBGMobile
  2. Then in the Basic menu section, please activate the "Peek & Fire" feature by switching from Disable to Enable.
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Well, in this way the feature that looks "Peek & Fire" automatically appears, please check in the game or in training mode. However, if you are an Emulator user, specifically Tencent Gaming Buddy, the feature does not appear, so you have to find and manage it yourself. Therefore, please refer to the tutorial below how to set up peek & fire on the Tencent emulator.

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How to set the Peek & Fire Controller in the Tencent Emulator

  1. If you have activated the Peek & Fire feature as above, please enter the game or Training menu to be safer.
  2. Then click the keyboard icon next to the right bar to start setting the control menu.
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  3. Well, here you just click the "Peek & Fire" feature and enter the keyboard key you want to use. For location can be seen in the picture below, if you have "Save" already.
    How to improve my aim in a PUBG mobile

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It's easy, not how to activate and manage the PUBG Mobile Peek & Fire controller via the Tencent Emulator. So playing PUBG Mobile especially in the Emulator will be more complete and easier. Thus the article about PUBG tips that I can share and hopefully useful.

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