PUBG Mobile loot locations Lots of Weapons (Erangel and Miramar)

PUBG Mobile loot locations Lots of Weapons (Erangel and Miramar) - In playing PUBG Mobile we are guided to survive until the end of the game. It will be difficult if we do not use the strategy in playing pubg. But you will probably get Chicken Dinner in every game if you use a good playing strategy.

One strategy that you should use is to land in a place with lots of weapons and rare items. Thus the completeness of your survival will differ greatly from other players. But when landing, of course, we must be the first landers so that all the weapons and rare items have not been taken by other players.

Therefore this time I will provide information about places where there are many weapons and rare items that not many people know about.

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A lot of weapons in PUBG Mobile


Erangel maps are designed like in settlements and beaches, here you can hide in bushes, rocks, and trees very easily. The best loot places in Erangel are many weapons, including:

1. Georgopol

PUBG Mobile loot locations Lots of Weapons (Erangel and Miramar)
This place is a favorite landing place for pub players because here you can find many rare weapons and items such as the LVL 3 Armor. But to get it is quite difficult because there are usually many players who land here. Then you automatically have to be ready for combat when landing here.

I suggest that when you land in Georgopol, you must first find the first weapon that is usually in the large storage and above the trailer. Because if you can find weapons earlier it will be very easy to kill other players who are still looking for weapons.

2. Military Base

PUBG Mobile Loot Guide – Top Places To Find The Best Loot
This landing site is indeed very suitable when there are many weapons because the name is also a military area. There are lots of hangars, buildings and can enter the basement where there are many weapons and top-level items. Because this is a place that has a lot of weapons on pubg mobile, so many players automatically land here.

The strategy is you must be the first lander and be able to find good weapons and equipment. Then each step there must be slow and pay attention to the surrounding conditions because usually there are many other dangerous options.

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3. Yasnaya Polyana

PUBG loot locations - where to find the best loot on Erangel and Miramar
Here is a place where there are many weapons next to the mobile pub. When you land here, you will find many large houses and buildings. Try loot all the houses and buildings, because there are lots of good weapons and other equipment.

4. Shelter

PUBG Erangel map explained - size, best start locations and Erangel map strategies
Here you will not find houses, because you can get weapons and other rare items in the bunker (underground). There are two paths that you can use to enter and exit the bunker. Inside the bunker, there are many weapons, but the bunker is not so wide, so you have to be careful when entering it.

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5. Pochinki

PUBG Mobile Vikendi map tips: Best loot locations for level 3 armours, weapons and more
Pochinki is a million people landing place because most players land here. This is because this is the best place for loot on a mobile pub with lots of weapons, all of which you can get in homes and large buildings. But you have to be careful if landing here, usually a lot of players who stay at home and shoot at the players who are below it.


Map Miramar is designed upside down from Erangel, here you must be able to survive in the sand and mountains that become the place of the snipers. As for some of the best loot places in Miramar, there are many weapons, including:

1. Los Leones

PUBG Vikendi map tips, best locations for loot, drop locations
This place is in the middle - and is the biggest place in which there are many levels 3 items and good weapons. This place is also the main target of the players, so you have to be careful when landing here.

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2. Water Treatment

PUBG Mobile: Where to find the best loot in Vikendi
The best public mobile loot place on the Miramar map is Water Treatment, here there are many weapons and bullets in abundance. This place is like a place for storing water, so here there is a pond and water storage. Where under the pool and above the water storage there are many weapons. I strongly recommend landing here, because there are usually a few players who land here.

3. Pecado

PUBG Best Loot Locations for Erangel Map
Pecado is the best place in Miramar with lots of weapons. This place is not much different from Los Leones which is located in the middle. But Pecado is smaller, though this place is one of the player's favorite places. Then many players will automatically land here and you must be careful.

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4. Campo Militar

PUBG Mobile Best Loot Places | PUBG Mobile Loot Location 2018
This place is a military center in the Miramar map so it can be said to be the best public loot place in the Miramar map because there are a lot of level 3 weapons and equipment.

So those are some of the most weapons places on PUBG Mobile, both at Erangel and at Miramar. Please enter some of the places above and start looking for equipment for Chicken Dinner! Hopefully, this article is useful.

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