4 Sniper Weapons in the Most Deadly PUBG Mobile

4 Sniper Weapons in the Most Deadly PUBG Mobile - In playing pubg, all players are required to become someone who can survive 100 players to get a "Chicken Dinner". Of course, this will be very difficult, especially if your rank is high, for example, Platinum and above. Supply of weapons and other items is very necessary to facilitate the winning of the game. Indeed, everyone has their own flagship weapon - each.

But this time I will provide a list of Sniper Weapons in the Most Deadly Mobile PUBG. Because the sniper weapon in the pub is very necessary, especially to monitor long-range enemies. But not just any sniper weapon is capable of crippling or shutting down enemies at a distance, only sniper weapons have great damage, good accuracy can.

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Sniper weapons on the Most Deadly Mobile PUBG

4 Sniper Weapons in the Most Deadly PUBG Mobile
4 Sniper Weapons in the Most Deadly PUBG Mobile

1. AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum)

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AWM is the first recommendation of the most deadly PUBG Mobile sniper weapon because with this weapon has damage 132 is added to the shooting distance of up to 1000m, this allows you to kill distant enemies in just one shot, even though the enemy uses lvl 3 Armor and Lvl helmet 3. But you can only get this weapon through Drop Loot and bullets which are hard to find also type 300. Add some supporters such as Suppressor, Scope, etc. to further strengthen this weapon.

2. M24

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The most deadly sniper weapons in Mobile PUBG are then clearly M24. This weapon uses 7.62mm bullets (spread a lot) and has a damage of 88 with a shooting distance of up to 800m. Although not as good as the first, this sniper weapon is able to immobilize and even kill enemies in one shot provided we shoot the enemy in a sensitive part, such as the head. The existence of this weapon is also very difficult, usually from the Drop Loot.

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3. Kar98k (Karabiner 98 Kurz)

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Kar98k is a sniper weapon that is quite familiar to public players because you can get this weapon easily, provided you know where the best loot is with many good weapons. This weapon uses a 7.62mm bullet with small damage of 78. Even so, this weapon remains the belle of the snippers in the pub. So even though the damage is not too large, this weapon will be very deadly if used by people who are experts.

4. Mk14

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The most deadly sniper weapon in PUBG Mobile is Mk14. Actually, this weapon has even smaller damage which is stuck at 61. But because of the different firing modes, namely semi-auto and full-auto, this weapon makes it very deadly for enemies far and far near. This sniper weapon is usually only available through the Drop Loot.

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So that's some of the most deadly Sniper Weapons on PUBG Mobile. I myself prefer AWM and Mk14. Everyone will be of different tastes, so hopefully, this article can make a recommendation for you.

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