Strategies to Play PUBG Mobile For Easy Chicken Dinner

Strategies to Play PUBG Mobile For Easy Chicken Dinner - PUBG Mobile (Player's Unknown Battleground) is now officially available on Android and iOS, you can download it for free on Playstore and AppStore. In this game, we are led to be the last player who is still alive, but to survive is very difficult because there are quite a lot of players, 100 players.

At this time I will share the secret strategy of playing pubg mobile so I can have a Chicken Dinner in every game or at least in the top 10. Because being a player who is still alive at the end of the game is a matter of pride. In contrast, if you have just landed being shot to death, you may often get angry yourself. Therefore the strategy to play this pubg mobile should you know.

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Strategy for Playing PUBG Mobile

1. Play with the team

Strategies to Play PUBG Mobile For Easy Chicken Dinner
Strategies to Play PUBG Mobile For Easy Chicken Dinner
The first strategy for beginner players is better to play in teams, can Duo or Squad. Because when playing with the team we can support each other, whether in terms of weapons or save each other when we are "Knock". Different if playing Solo, when we knock it will not be any friends who can restore it.

2. Land in a suitable place

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There are lots of land places, both on the Erangel Map or Miramar. Every place has different weapons and other items. So the strategy of playing pubg mobile so that the Chicken Dinner is landing where there are many weapons and other items.

3. Use your flagship weapon

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After landing, quickly find a weapon that suits you because everyone has a different preference for weapons. Complete your battle gear quickly so you can finish off other players who still don't have weapons, it does sound very loud. But with this playing strategy, we can quickly kill other people.

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4. Immediately go to Playzone or safe zone

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The safe zone which was wide in the long run will shrink to very small. Now the strategy for playing pubg mobile is that you should immediately go to the safe zone before other players are inside, the point is to be the first person. Because if you go to the safe zone late, you could die by the zone (die in vain) and usually many players peak at other players who are still outside the safe zone. But if you are in the safe zone first, you can monitor other players who are still outside the zone and finish it off.

5. Don't get tired, it's better to ride the car

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Running here and there while playing pubg mobile, in my opinion, is the wrong thing because usually by pacing here and there our position will be known by the enemy and could be shot from a distance. I think it's better for you to ride a car when you want to move, especially far away. Because if you ride a car, besides being able to run away from your enemy you can run over enemies and usually knock out directly.

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6. Pay attention to your every step

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Paying attention to every step or when changing places is a good strategy for playing pubg mobile and can have a Chicken Dinner. You must do this if the safe zone shrinks further. Because the smaller the zone there will be a lot of players who pay attention to the movements of other players. I think to move slowly and staying in hiding places like bushes, rocks, and trees while looking at enemy movements.

7. Use the control settings that you think are comfortable

In playing pubg mobile we are given the freedom to change control settings, this is not far away so the players can comfortably play this game. The important strategy for playing pubg mobile is that you have to be comfortable with the control settings, so please set it up - set it yourself with various layouts that you can try. To make settings, you can go to Settings > Control.

So that's some strategy when playing PUBG Mobile so that it's an auto Chicken Dinner. Please try these strategies. Hopefully, this article is useful.

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