Strategy to Play on the Latest Sanhok PUBG Mobile Update Map

Strategy to Play on the Latest Sanhok PUBG Mobile Update Map - Now you can get the latest pubg mobile update, which is version 0.8.0. In the update, there are some updates that simply change the sensation of playing, including a new map (Sanhok), a new vehicle, and a new weapon. It does require a lot of internet data quota to update this time, but it is comparable to the update provided.

We also have to have a new playing strategy in the latest update this time. The strategy of playing on pubg mobile is very necessary so that you can be better and more often Chicken Dinner. In this article, I want to share the strategy of playing pubg mobile on this new Sanhok map so that you can continue with the Chicken Dinner. Because each map on the pubg mobile has different play characteristics and strategies.

Previously the characteristics of this Sanhok map were set in the forest (forest), which might be located in the country of Thailand. Why ? because the name of the place is also like using Thai. In the Sanhok map, there are houses and several temples, in a nutshell like that. Want to know the sensation of playing in this Sanhok map? You read the article again ...

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Strategy to Play on PUBG Mobile Sanhok Map

1. Map Sanhok is not so wide

Strategy to Play on the Latest Sanhok PUBG Mobile Update Map
Strategy to Play on the Latest Sanhok PUBG Mobile Update Map
The size of the Sanhok map itself is not as large as the two previous maps (Miramar and Erangel), Sanhok is only 4km x 4km in size. But in it, there are weapons and other equipment that are abundant, even very easy to find Kar98k which is included in the type of deadly sniper.
PUBG Sanhok map - size, best start locations
In addition, you will also find a new weapon, namely the QBZ Assault Rifle. Because Sanhok is not so wide, so you will often meet with enemies and battles can also occur everywhere. Therefore you have to be careful when playing on this mobile Sanhok map.

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2. A strategic map for snipers

PUBG: Master the new Sanhok map with these 7 ++tips++
I admit that after playing on the Sanhok pubg mobile map, I think Sanhok is very compatible with snipers. Because Sanhok is set in the forest, where there are lots of tall grasses and rocks that make it possible to be used as a place for snipers. In addition, Sanhok has rather dark weather like being covered by fog.

3. Circle shrinks faster

At first, I was very surprised when I first played in the Sanhok pubg mobile map. Because the time circle is so short and very fast, it's different from the previous map. But the difference in circle damage is not as painful as the previous map. Therefore, I suggest not to loot too long, as long as you have enough weapons to fight, it's better to go to Playzone.

4. Must be more focused and more careful

What's the best strategy for new Sanhok map in PUBG?
When you want to play on the latest Sanhok pubg mobile map, I suggest you always focus and be careful when moving. Because of the fact that there are so many other players who are in a prone position while watching the movements of other enemies. So I suggest looking around the grass first before moving.

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5. Mutual support from fellow teams

PUBG Sanhok map: best places for loot, where to drop
The main key to winning the game when playing in this Sanhok pubg mobile map is that you need full support from your friends, this only applies to those who play Duo or Squad. Because starting from a short time circle, there are many battles everywhere, many scouts, making you have to play still around the team to guard if there is a trap. Besides that, you have to share weapons with the team so that no one still uses fewer quality weapons.

Maybe that's the strategy to play in the latest updated PUBG Mobile Sanhok map. Indeed, everyone has a different playing strategy, but at least the playing strategy that I use can be beneficial for those of you who just want to play in Sanhok.

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